Friday, May 7, 2010

Will Koch succeed at reforming state government?

From NBC 4:

Can legislative districts be re-drawn so that the bad guys don’t necessarily win?

Two former state leaders disagree sharply on that question. Former Governor George Pataki told me legislators would never consent to changing their districts to give a challenger a better chance to win.

But former New York City Mayor Edward Koch, leader of a new group called New York Uprising, retorted: "He’s dead wrong. This is the year they’ll agree to change the system because all incumbents are in danger. The voters are ready to throw them out and the legislators have to show that they’re ready to reform the government if they want to get re-elected."

Koch’s group, New York Uprising, has enlisted the support of four gubernatorial candidates. He’s seeking support from other legislative and congressional candidates.

Even before Koch testified before a state senate committee in Albany, he got into a scrap with the Senate President, Malcolm Smith. Smith told a group of fellow Democrats that, if they got re-elected, they could use their power to throw Republicans into political "oblivion."

Koch, a man not known for subtlety, fired a salvo at Smith: "What he said was absolutely dumb -- dumb even for himself. I mean if he was going to do it, you don’t announce it."


Anonymous said...

Koch is dead on, but in the end, the legislators will prove once again they are too stupid to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

You cannot trust any POl. Current or retired. Don't allow it.

Anonymous said...

Explain again how putting career Democrat Koch and his buddies in charge of drawing the boundaries of the districts is going to end gerrymandering. You might as well put Al D'Amato in charge if we're in a "bring back the 80's" mood today.

Detective McNutty said...

How can anyone trust him after he endorsed Bloomberg and the same goes for anyone who supported the little mayor.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You cannot trust any POl. Current or retired. Don't allow it.

Agreed! Don't be a Koch Sucker!!!

Lino said...

I have actually followed this group and their attempts at reformation...but it's kind of hypocritical. The gop held sway from 1965 till 07, they presided over -four- reapportionment cycles..the only squawks you heard from them about the outcomes were over the minority districts that ironically often resulted from the gop's "scooping up" as many whites as they could via some bizarre district lines.

Now, that demographics are finally consigning THEM to minority status, they are backing Koch's efforts.


Ed Koch said...

How'm I doin'?

Anonymous said...

the dems carved up DougPrescott's (rep) assembly districti n the 80's. it covered the auburndale-bayside
communities. it was normally a con/republican electorate.
it became a resting place for carroza,weprin and i believe landsman for the future.

ed koch put the local P.S.130 q. pupils on buses for 28
years ,by closing the school , and telling our community to drop dead. he even moved the poll to P.S.31 (temporarily) to keep the rep. voters home.

P.S.130 was the P.T.A. that initiated the force busing protest to send east queens puplis to cambria hgts. for a failed, busing for integration program.