Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trees down all over Queens

There are reports of trees falling down all over the borough, including one that recently fell on the westbound Grand Central Parkway. Wires are down, trees are lying atop cars and have crashed into houses. Power is out in some areas. The FDNY, Parks Dept and Con Ed are out there in force.


Joe said...

Tell me about it
The 20 foot 2 inch pipe holding the Rye Playland banner (flying above the stage) broke in 1/2 and almost killed the band.
(lucky they were on a break)
It was opening day.
Traffics a mess, oute lanes are closed on the bridges.
Lots of street lights out (no power) in eastern Queens, Great Neck


Anonymous said...

Mr. Softee is missing from the neighborhood tonight -

Anonymous said...

Forest Hills: Harrow Street between 68 and 69. Could have killed someone, Thank G_d it did not.