Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sitt plans large scale demolition at Coney Island

From the Brooklyn Paper:

Coney Island is gearing up for a summer of new rides and circus attractions, but the neighborhood’s main private landowner is instead tearing down historic buildings — including the place where Harpo Marx made his comic debut — and replacing them with a temporary fast-food stand.

The turn-of-the-last-century buildings facing the wrecking ball include the Grashorn Building, the Henderson Music Hall and the Surf Hotel located between Stillwell Avenue and Henderson Walk.

Current occupants include a Popeye’s fried chicken outlet and Faber’s Fascination, an arcade. Shopkeepers said that they are aware of the looming demolition work, but aren’t concerned that they will be forced out before the summer seasons.

That confidence seems to be misguided. “This summer is going to be about the demolition,” said Thor Equities spokesperson Loren Riegelhaupt, claiming that the ramshackle structures are filled with asbestos.

Riegelhaupt said that Thor Equities must clear the land now in order to have new retail shops open for the 2011 summer season.

It is unclear what shops Thor is proposing. A rendering put out by the company last week shows a burger outlet and a taco stand.

Wait, let me guess...He's destroying it in order to save it!


Joe said...

Scouted Cony Island during the making of "Heaven Help us" in the 80's
Everything related to "The Greats" inside the Henderson Dance Hall including the stage, tiered Lords booths shown in postcards was gone.

The Shore Theater could be saved and used for shows. Its structure could be modified to support modern lighting trusses and sound equipment.
Rye Playlands Tower stage built around the same time can now fly 70 tons.
Unlike Rye
Problem is they need 5K+ seating with elevators to private corporate booths for the names you see in Times Square. Those "names" control all the big name talent, radio, TV and intellectual property's involved in entertainment.

The days of ringing up Ron Delsner on the phone to bring a money maker in are long gone

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Knicks or Islanders or Rangers or......will move there

Anonymous said...

Hey, doesn't impact Brooklyn Heights or the East Side so who gives a f*k?

Mayor Michael Bloomtard said...

Fuck history!

Anonymous said...

somebody get that man a new set of dentures

Anonymous said...

that is the bloomberg way, destroy and rebuilt in my image. destroy all the schools and rebuild small charter schools, more expensive with less amenities. no labs, no gym, no reading room etc.

panzer65 said...

...Paging Dick Zigun...