Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Lady of Loreto will be spared

From the Daily News:

David has beaten Goliath in Brownsville.

A coalition of community activists, politicians and an Italian-American group is celebrating after the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn this week changed its mind about demolishing Our Lady of Loreto Church, sources said.

"It means we're going to finally serve the needs of the community," said Patricia Deans, 69, director of the Brownsville Heritage Center, which helped lead the fight against tearing down the church, located on Sackman and Pacific Sts.

Deans and others have recommended the church be renovated and converted into a community center - an approach the diocese has decided to take, according to sources briefed on the decision.

"The neighborhood needs this. ... There's no community center here; this would be the first," said Deans.

The 102-year-old church, once a pillar in the former Italian-American neighborhood, has been closed for two years. The diocese wanted to tear it down and let a nonprofit developer build 88 units of affordable housing on the site.

But a group of activists proposed an alternative $21 million plan that called for converting the church into a community center and building 102 units of affordable housing.

And the Landmarks Preservation Commission should be taking action any day now...


Anonymous said...

I recommend they immediately check the roof and spend money on it, if it needs repairs. There is nothing more important in an old church, than the roof!

Anonymous said...

I recommend they immediately check the roof and spend money on it, if it needs repairs. There is nothing more important in an old church, than the roof!

Anonymous said...

The LPC will probably accuse the community of renovating the church beyond recognition, preventing its landmarking.

Anonymous said...

Big reason this doesn't happen in Queens.

That kind of serious money in Queens is either earmarked for developer welfare or tweeder programs.

Of course no one ever gets the word out to the man in the street in Queens. Even those in the know keep their mouth shut.

Gotta keep secure the funding their face-painting programs for kids at Halloween.

Joe said...

It don't take much to figure out what the catholic church is up to here.

102 units of affordable housing for who exactly "WHO" and how long before that 102 becomes 408 units ?
The church pulled this BS in Riverhead. They took in drug addict's, jailbirds and illegels creating a crimewave of theft and drugs as far east as Greenport and Southampton.
Hell they even put people in tents in the wooded property behind the church.

One of my #1 rules is don't trust the Pope or the clergy they are just like politicians. --corrupt or crazy

Anonymous said...

"Catholic Charities of Brooklyn"
Translation: No birth control, free Sanctuary, mattresses, clothing and food

Joe said...

Brownsville (and lower Ridgewood 2 miles away) is F_ed !

This is going to end up one of them Tweeding centers like Catholic Charities established along the Texas, Arizona and California.
They use those community centers as both baby sitting services and "How To get over" classes on food stamps, Medicaid, services.

People dont want illegals, tweeding, santuary policys they give the crook mayor hell but when the Catholic Church and some old nun's bring it to the table looking to "re-seed the flock" its WORD.
What a bunch of hypocrites shame on some of you people !

This is worse then a Bloomberg tower on that property if Catholic Charities is going to run it.

Anonymous said...

These Catholic community centers even give classes on how to gross the border.
(In Spanish of coarse)

Scroll down

georgetheatheist said...

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church looks more and more like the enemy of the United States.

From the Apostle's Creed: "I the Communion of Saints..." That is the Saints in Heaven, the Souls in Purgatory, and Believers on Earth.

It's one big collective. Just like Liberalism/Socialism/Communism. Just throw in religious mysticism.

If you don't help the illegals, you are at fault. You are the sinner.


Anonymous said...

It looks like we're in for a second miracle at Loreto (a famous New Mexican Legend about a church by the same name)

Anonymous said...

Welcome the and feed the stranger my ass !
Jeez, What a hosing !

Anonymous said...

They have reversed their decision and are preserving a beautiful building.

They are opening a community center in a troubled neighborhood that needs one.

Sounds to me like a great thing.

Anonymous said...

The header should read. "Community Commits Suicide"

Whats been sold to the public is a Trojan horse.
More will come just Catholic Charities did with churches along the Texas and Arizona border's

The Vatican with all its $$ is no doubt the enemy and no different then the scumbag mayor