Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh deer, he must be cold!

From SI Live:

Need proof that deer swim to Staten Island from New Jersey?

Frank Masseria says he's got it — a grainy 50-second video shot from his small charter fishing boat, the "Vitamin Sea," early Saturday morning of two Bambis plying the chilly 56-degree waters of the Arthur Kill like mini motorboats before clambering ashore in Tottenville.

Deer swimming across the Arthur Kill to Staten Island


Anonymous said...

It looks like the Loch Ness monster videos from the 70s!

TSL said...

Deer Park that's good water!

(old commercial for you youngins...)

Anonymous said...

I'd do anything to escape from Jersey, too, if I lived there.

Anonymous said...

Deer must be fleeing the high taxation of Jersey suburbs!

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I made the turn onto Northern Blvd in Douglaston on my way to work at 5:00 a.m.

In front of Bay Chevy stood a large doe.

I pulled over to the curb and wathced her cross Northern Blvd. into the golf driving range.

There was no one else around so I felt compelled to report the sighting at the 111 Precinct.

The desk officer smiled and said that there had been numerous sightings by officers on patrol along the Grand Central Parkway as well as the Cross Island.

He speculated that they are comming in from Long Island along the highway greenbelt.

It would certainly be interesting to see deer crossing signs along northeastern Queens highways.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems pretty desperate on the part of the deer to get into the large body of water to go somewhere else. Unless of course that they were frightened by something. Nj is a good reason to leave.

Anonymous said...

The Arthur Kill isn't really a "large" body of water. It's narrower than many lakes are wide, and it's not unusual for deer to swim.