Sunday, May 16, 2010

Offshore wind farm in the works

From the Queens Tribune:

Con Edison is collaborating with the Long Island Power Authority and a handful of public agencies on a wind farm to be located off the coast of Far Rockaway and Nassau County and could be up and running by 2016.

The 80-100 turbines would be located nearly 15 miles offshore, which is beyond the horizon line, said Michael Clendenin, a spokesman for Con Ed.

They are working on a visual simulation of the turbines, as they would appear from the shoreline, said Michael Deering, Vice President for Environmental Affairs for LIPA.

The project would generate 350 megawatts, with the capacity to expand up to 700 megawatts. Each megawatt can power up to 1,000 homes.

The public will have ample opportunity for input, Deering said.

"We're going to speak to the various constituencies, including community groups, environmental groups, the commercial and recreational fisheries folks," he said. "They are important constituencies in this project and we are going to benefit from their input."

There are no offshore wind farms in the U.S., although there are some in Europe.


georgetheatheist said...

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind. - Bob Dylan

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone is doing something . I'm tired of this oil thing.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how much LIPA et al are going to lower their rates when this gets operational

Ghost of Ted Kennedy said...

As long as it's not in my backyard, and doesn't destroy my view, I'm all for it!

Screw everyone else!

georgetheatheist said...

Ted, that's great. Btw, I hear you're still sober.

ew-3 said...

They should wait till the cape wind far is done to see if it is worth doing.
Shortly (a few days) after it was approved, it was revealed the cost of construction was going to be 2.5 BILLION dollars, not the few hundred MILLION it was supposed to be. Oddly that's about the same cost as the "big dig" was supposed to be, which wound up costing about $20 BILLION dollars. (that's about $3 dollars for everyone on the planet)
Also check your electric bills. When they revealed the price, they also revealed that they would be charging $0.27 per KW hr. About twice the going rate in MA, which already was twice the rate in most of the rest of the country.
No wonder industry has abandoned MA.

Anonymous said...

Great idea thats much much cleaner than the Halliburton and BP infinite mess.
Ah yes the ex vice president Cheney's halliburton that he was CEO of for years is the gift that keeps giving because they made a pretty billion off the tax payers dime hooking up pipelines and "removing" anyone in the way.

Klink Cannoli said...


The green weenies are such a sad bunch of daydreamers costing tax payers countless amounts of our treasure.

This daydream has been going on since the late '70s oil crisis. Yet despite numerous examples of failed wind farm energy systems across the globe, proponents still want you to believe two plus two equals five. What is it going to take to knock some sense into people? A 2x4 across the back of the head?

Anonymous said...

Nice violent talk there klink with your 2x4 of stupidity. No ideas, just name calling juvenile mantras. Sounds like the mentality brewed by Dick Armeys PAC money.

Germany has wind energy employing a 100,000 people so your wrong completely.
Also Spain, Italy, France,the UK, and Sweden continue to add wind power across their countries every couple of months reducing oil and coal use.

Look it up. Theres many documentaries on what Germany is currently doing with wind energy.

ew-3 said...

Anon - update your facts.
The EURO wind farm systems are failing big time. Even with huge government backing.
Wind power is just a way of transferring funds from us to GE.

Anonymous said...

If there isn' the room for safe wind turbines then there should be more solar power.

No we cant have that because every major oil company and the Rockefeller foundation has marginalized solar technology since the 1970's.
Someone ripped off the solar panels Carter put on the white house after he left.

Anonymous said...

get this going already and make sure there are plenty built offshore in the Hamptons sot the view for those folks say "green" !