Thursday, May 20, 2010

LaGuardia security lapse cause for concern

From NBC 4:

An investigation is underway at LaGuardia Airport into how a man was able to pass through security and board a flight even though the name on his passport did not match the name on his boarding pass.

The discrepancy was not even discovered until the man boarded JetBlue Flight 371 on the morning of May 13.

It was another passenger, Jason Paris of Westchester, who made the discovery.

"Someone tried to sit in the seat next to me but a man was already sitting in it," said Paris. "The man sitting next to me told me that I was actually in his seat but he did not ask me to move. He produced his boarding pass and it said 11F and it had my name on it."

Both boarding passes read "Jason Paris" seat 11F. But there was a big problem, the other man's name was not Jason Paris. He had a European passport that was issued in Paris, France, but that is where the similarities ended.

"He looked nothing like me. He said he got the boarding pass from the desk that morning," said Paris. "When personnel from the gate came to our aisle to sort out the mess, they never asked to see my drivers license or to see his passport. The only thing they were concerned about was finding his rightful seat, which was 21D."


Anonymous said...

This stuff probably goes on more often than you would think. But this man is the only person that spoke out.

cherokeesista said...

And every single day 24/7 we have ILLEGALS CROSSING OUR BORDERS!!!

Polyester Pants Wearing TSA Worker said...

Let's see here.......

Your passport says "Jason Paris"

Your ticket says "Jason Bourne"

Well, that's close enough for government work!

Enjoy your flight, sir!