Monday, May 17, 2010

Gabe Pressman's Flushing Adventure

I'm not really sure why NBC sent Gabe Pressman to Flushing; I always thought he was more of a political reporter. Well, predictably, there is the typical vibrant! diverse! shtick, but then it gets kind of interesting. But one thing that's puzzling is the title: "Flushing: Diversity on Queens' Western Shore"

Western shore? Did he look at a map?


Anonymous said...

oh it's a wonder alright...but no wonder i can't get a parking spot

Kevin Walsh said...

Downtown Flushing is an overcrowded mess, but you won't hear hat on TV.

Anonymous said...

Jesus! Gabe Pressman was a fossil 30 years ago. I didn't think he was still breathing.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

I applied to work at NBC a number of times, and they never got back to me.

If NBC did hire me, I would have told Mr. Pressman that Flushing was founded by Quakers, not Dutch settlers.

Local stories should be covered by local reporters. They know the neighborhood better.

Missing Foundation said...

Two observations:

1. highlights a well funded tweeder program showing the potential tweeds that its ok to junk their values of self-reliance in favor of the goodies (from our taxes and diverted from our block) to make them good Democartic voters. A smart move to build a constituance for this bullshit at a time the government can long longer afford it.

2. this is to be used as a promotional piece bringing in Asian money to help out the clubhouse. A bit like the western Roman Empire in its old age, the doddering postal clerks running the borough will give away provences to maintain their bread and circuses. Carthage to the Vandals, Gaul to the Goths and Flushing to the East Asians if you will.

(Hallohan, who is bearly known in historical circles is no authority in Queens history, and showing the Wall Street Slave market in the 17th century and talking about Flushing is exhibit A of why this borough has become a joke. Try showing a picture of Newark and talking about the West Side and see how far you get)

Anonymous said...

"getting medicaid is not being dependent on the government"


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, recent arrival with medical conditions that prevent him from working.

Quick!!! Someone give him some fodstamps, healthcare, and housing!!!

Anonymous said...

omg! I go to school down there and it's a nightmare.. dirty streets produce dropped on the floor and thrown back for someone to buy. Bird droppings everywhere, I wouldn't buy any of the food.. it's a wonder!! lmao they are providing all the services that us americans cannot get. This country is a joke.. We need to stop providing..

Anonymous said...

"omg! I go to school down there and it's a nightmare.. dirty streets produce dropped on the floor and thrown back for someone to buy."

This post is too funny -
you've GOT to be KIDDING - I mean you've just GOT to be - no one could be that dumb.

Do you really believe that the apple you grabbed for lunch was sterilized after picking and all PESTICIDES miracously VANISHED and that everyone that meticulously touched that apple from the picker to the produce labeler and then of course the trucker and then finally the store clerk that placed it ever so carefully on the shelf DIDN'T DROP IT?

psst . . . there's a REASON why they say to WASH YOUR PRODUCE before eating it!

Scary stuff on here sometimes. . .

Queens Crapper said...

Simply washing produce doesn't eliminate pathogens like e.coli.

So if your apple fell on a street where a dog recently took a dump, you're getting sick even if you wash that apple...

Scary advice on here sometimes, indeed.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Gabe Pressman was probably hired by Myra Baird Herce (Flushing Chamber Of Commerce), Wellington Chen & Michael Meyers (TDC).

Folks...methinks that "Flushing Commons" will not be built according to the grandiose plans that the TDC Rockefeller Group has on paper...IF AT ALL!

Not in this economy with the increasing crime levels that will follow on its heels!

Anonymous said...

Has Gabe Pressman actually ever visited Queens? Does he think Flushing is Astoria? We are the community on Long Island's Western Shore. Also Greenpoint, and Dutch Kills while we are at it.

Anonymous said...

how many times do you think the apple fell prior to its destination of Main Street Flushing?

Do you think that when it was dropped shortly after picking in a field of cow dung - that it was immediately picked up by the illegal alien and kissed to God maybe?

Anonymous said...

Yep....somebody drags an old fossil like Pressman out of his cave to do a puff piece on Flushing.
(Can't you get a better toupee Gabe? Peter Vallone might advise you on that).

This is a sure sign that things aren't going exactly the way the clubhouse machine planned it some 25 years ago.

FLUSHING'S A FLOP...and nobody wants to admit it publicly...least of all Myra Baird Herce's Chamber of Commerce.

And why should she?

She keeps on going and going and going...just like the "Energizer" bunny...and drawing a fat salary for her years of "consultation" work for about a half dozen different organizations.

She must have the goods on everybody to continue getting such great paying jobs.

I wonder if she ever spilled the beans...would a lot of high level folks wind up in a federal prison?

Hey...what's your orange jump suit size Senator Moby Stavisky?

georgetheatheist said...

The Asian woman lawyer does not know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.

It's really time to take away Gabe Pressman's car keys.


On your next vacation, visit the beautiful Grand Canyon State:

Anonymous said...

I think one of Wellington Chen's trolls are posting some of their slanted BS!

Anonymous said...

It looks like some of the Asian developers (LOL) like TDC (Michael Lee) are losing face.

When your plan looks like it's's time crank up the old public relations volume and hope that your overseas investors will fall for the bull crap!

Too late...the horse is out of the barn...and so is the word around the world that Flushing is not the best place to put your money anymore!

(Here's hoping that some of you savvy Asian investors read "Queens Crap" for the real story).

Queens Crapper said...

I think what Sergey meant to say is that the Quakers were seeking religious freedom by coming to Flushing, not the Dutch.

Anonymous said...

Not one live octopus??!!??! Eat shit Gabe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gabe Pressman (sadly) is yesterday's news.

He's so out of touch with reality that his network sends him only on jerk-off missions these days just so he can collect his corporate former newsman's welfare checks.

Thanks for keeping him on the books NBC....for his sake.

He did a great job in the old days.

The spirit of Bette Davis said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Gabe took Marilyn Bitterman out to a freebie lunch after the tour.

Her hubby, Jack too.

He'll never pass up a tag-along free meal.

$85,000 a year paid to this inept district manager.

No wonder Flushing sucks!

Anonymous said...

No...Gabe went to "up-Chuck" Apelian's house for teas and more BS!

Kelty couldn't even be found at Kelly's bar.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Gabe took Marilyn Bitterman out to a freebie lunch after the tour.

Her hubby, Jack too.

Did someone say 3-way?

cherokeesista said...

This guys smoking to much KUSH!!!
This is not AMERICA:( It's a Damn EXPERIMENT!!! Foul and Disgusting!!! Hey Gabe would you let your wife or daughter walk around here alone day or night?? I doubt it!!

Anonymous said...

Flushing is dirty, smelly, crowded. Ugh. And what is this diversity crap? That crowd looks pretty homogenous to me!

Anonymous said...

I'm not that dumb and I still stand on my statement I would not buy any produce or food any where on Main Street, Flushing.. OH! and I do clean my produce before consuming, not a moron.. Have you been there lately?? you would think you were in china!!

Anonymous said...

I would not buy any produce or food any where on Main Street, Flushing..

But where else can you find live octopi????

Anonymous said...

The liberal press trots out anyone who can further their causes. Gabe certainly would not be caught dead living in Flushing or anywhere in Queens for sure.

Anonymous said...

Buy produce? Are you kidding? It's not even safe to walk there. All you see are people spitting all over the place (which is supposed to be against the law). No wonder TB is back!