Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Elmhurst Ave station worst in city for fare beating

From the Daily News:

Brazen fare-beaters skip turnstiles once every 10 minutes at one Queens subway station - right under the noses of token booth clerks.

More than 157 riders were spotted sneaking through an emergency exit into the subway system at the Elmhurst Ave. station on the Queens Blvd. line during a one-day survey in March.

The fare cheats made booth N325A tops in the entire city for fare-beating at a staffed subway entrance.

Over the course of three days - one each in January, February and March - clerks noted a whopping 329 fare-beaters at the station.

Some hustle through the gate after a friend who paid opens the gate from the inside.

Others saunter in after simply waiting for a passenger to exit improperly through the emergency gate.

An alarm sounds briefly each time the gate is opened.

The one-day transit survey captured only fare-beaters observed by token booth clerks, meaning dozens of others may have gone unnoticed.

Photo by Jim Henderson from Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Why don't they put a transit cop at that station if they know this has been going on?

Anonymous said...

The people (and you all know who) doing this just give fake names, birth dates, ID's of US Citizens. .
The Cops have to accept the ID if it matches the description and write a ticket under Bloombergs Sancuary city policy.
Transit cops have it worse since they don't have access to the NYPD database to verify Elmhurst tweeds.
They simply know they cant collect those fines and don't bother.

To add these fare beaters are likely all the same "group". I'm told both the TA and City Cops are afraid of being accused accused of profiling.
There must be equal slice of ticketing of white, black, Hispanic, Asian fare beaters to keep the stats equal.
Its bullshit how cops hands are tied and the animals know it.

La-Raza now gives "how to" classes in Spanish on beat the system in Churches and now some some city library's.
Its crazy

Anonymous said...

Thats a bad station in other ways too with it being dirty, and of course understaffed often. The police should be down there more but as far as having their hands tied Im not so sure. According to the new article on police in Bed Stuy theres still corruption and unfortunately there doing there quotas to serve bloomberg with tickets and not reporting other more serious crimes.

The NYPD Tapes: Inside Bed-Stuy's 81st Precinct
Graham Rayman Tuesday, May 4 2010

Two years ago, a police officer in a Brooklyn precinct became gravely concerned about how the public was being served. To document his concerns, he began carrying around a digital sound recorder, secretly recording his colleagues and superiors.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't they put a Transit cop at that station.?" Because there has not been a Transit police dept since 1995!When the TAPD was merged into the NYPD,there were about 4200 cops assigned.The new improved Transit Bureau is comprised of about 2000 cops.You do the math.....

Anonymous said...

Place a camera at the point of illegal entry for a week. Review the tape, put together the suspected fare beaters by pictures. Have detective once a week in MTA clerk clothing and wait all day to apprehend fare beaters and match them to the pictures for a much greater charge - evidence of ripping off service 2x. It's like fishing in a barrel. Why won't they do this at this location? Because the fare beaters are largely illegal residents and require the political will to arrest and deport them.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a token booth clerk supposed to do? Tackle the guy, fight him, and hold him until the cops arrive? C'mon!

Anonymous said...

Well it IS the most diverse community in Queens, with one of the ugliest architecture in the borough, a community that no longer exists and an adress the even the immigrants want to get away from.

But it is the Democratic Machine's ideal. The prefect place where elected are never challenged and tweeded are there for the taking.

Deke DaSilva said...

Diverse fare beaters are OUR strength!

georgetheatheist said...

Free health care.
Free education.
Free food.
Free subways.

I love America. Everything is free. Thank you Joe Crowley.


[x] Male
[x] No, not of Latino, Hispanic, or Spanish origin
[x] White

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants committing the fare evasion that Americans won't do.

The police, the perpetators, readers of Queens Crap are all wise to this phony identification and ignorable appearance ticket game.

It would all change if a person stop, detained, or arrested were required to have a real U.S. or state government-issued id with a photo before being released.

Auntie Invasion said...

that's what happens when you take jobs away from Americans and get rid of the token clerks.

Although I must say I hope some Indians and Pakistani males are gone in that bunch. At one time the token booth clerks were on the riders side, and you knew that they would be helpful. In the past ten years there's been these very rude, bizarre Indian & Pakastani males in the token booths who act like little Hitlers,as if they were now the Sahibs, because they had a job in a subway station. Glad to see them go.

I got mail once about immigration which included the tip, get a job with a city agency or the MTA when you are applying for naturalization papers. Go to Canada first. thanks....

no doubt since Elmhurst has so very many illegal alien day laborers and their jack pot baby machines this is where they are jacking up the turnstiles. Illegal aliens don't have to pay the subway fare, they are outlaws, they deserve more than anyone else? please deport them, let them organize back home.

Snake Plissskin said...

Hell, you could have an entire ninja squad of backpackers get on heading for Times Square and not paying a dime.

As Borat used to say, "Woot a cootri"

Honest Joe Crowley said...

I love America. Everything is free. Thank you Joe Crowley.

Its "Honest Joe" Crowley thank you!

Joe said...

I just tried playing UNO in park by King Of Corona today but those Mexicans kept stealing all the green cards

Anonymous said...

Stop with the bullshit that fare beaters are illegal immigrants.

I see EVERYBODY creeping in through the back of busses and skipping the turnstyles without paying the fucking fare...while the rest of us have to spend more money for a metrocard.

I hope one day they get caught.

In the meantime, this myopic obsession with illegal immigrants is really stupid.

Snake Plissskin said...

In the meantime, this myopic obsession with illegal immigrants is really stupid.

...yes considering its the LEGAL immigrants that are trying to blow us up!

Carl Friedrich Gauss said...

I see EVERYBODY creeping in through the back of busses [sic] and skipping the turnstyles [sic] without paying the fucking fare

2% Normal white American turnstile jumpers
98% "Undocumented guest worker" fare beaters


Anonymous said...

It would all change if a person stop, detained, or arrested were required to have a real U.S. or state government-issued id with a photo before being released.

This solves many problems including the SS # vulnerability which could then be masked under layers of passwords. In fact you can tie several privilages to this card "National Identity" such as Driver of motor vehicle or any other licenses one could have that could be easily verified through a central database the States could feed or feed off of. Instead of carrying birth certificates or a passport at a bank or airport for domestic purposes this card could solve so many issues especially preventing illegals from obtaining jobs, welfare, health, food stamps etc that they are stealing from us now.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how do you know they are all "immigrants?" Silly generalizations. Did you also know that the majority of people on welfare are WHITE Americans? Jerk offs. Who cares if they don't pay. MTA raises the fare, cook the books, run a shitty service and we are supposed to take this? hell no, we should all jump!

Anonymous said...

That may be true in the US as a whole, but in NYC that definitely not the case.

Anonymous said...

It's those damn Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

If the government issued a National ID, illegals would counterfit them in a week. Technology always opens a door to tweak a document or ID and the criminals always make money by mass-producing them and selling them to other criminals. Nothing is fool-proof. The National ID would be a waste of time. Hell, you don't even need ID to vote, but you need it to get on a plane. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The TWU will not permit nypd to go undercover in TA uniforms.The union fears a backlash against station agent.Wait ,there aren't anymore! P.S Since the TA is so topheavy with management,how many of them were laid off?

Anonymous said...

I think the fare beaters are children, maybe little people, ducking under the turnstile.

Andy Cahn said...

Not surprising with Spence Olchin in the tollboth.