Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A chance to vote on charter reform?

From the AP:

NEW YORK — New York City voters could have the chance this fall to change the balance of powers in city government, overhaul development procedures and maybe make city elections nonpartisan.

A panel examining an update to the city constitution on Monday announced areas it is planning to study. The charter review commission will be holding forums on five issues over the next two months.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed the panel earlier this year, following up on a campaign promise.

When he had the term-limits law changed so that he could run again, he promised a charter group would look at the issue again.

That’s one of the possible changes the group says it will look at.

The panel has an eye on putting potential changes to the voters by referendum this fall.


ChristineQuinn's Slush funds. said...

wht the fuck are we discussing about????? The people made it clear TWICE that we want 2 terms limit and yet Slush fund Queen Christine Quinn and Emperor mike Doucheberg overturned the will of the people. why isn't Quinn in jail for the slush funds?????

Anonymous said...

If Mayor Moneybags appointed the panel, you know that this panel is already tainted. Nothing will happen unless he wants it to happen. He'll never throw the Slush Fund Queen under the bus. Therefore, it will be business as usual in this city with heaps of corruption. The only way there will be change is when we have a different mayor.

Anonymous said...

Keep this up and we will insist ONE year terms for all city officials and no second term.

Let's have some real democracy, for every city law or administrative action like a zoning decision: initiative and referendum with a 50,000 registered voter signature threshold.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of going through the motions? The people of this city can vote for any number of things, but the City Council can just turn around and overthrow them if they like.