Friday, May 14, 2010

Bogus parking tickets handed out in LIC

Dear Queens Crapper:

I am posing a question to all the readers out there: Who has been getting bogus tickets from the NYPD, especially here in LIC? There is a lack of parking in this neighborhood (near Court Square/Jackson Ave) that this is sickening. There is no metered parking from Davis Street (under the 7 train) all the to (and past) Queens Plaza. The big lot that once stood at Queens Plaza has been replaced by the Gotham Center. Then due to the construction of the connection of the 7 and the E - metered parking has been suspended and then due to some movie production there is no parking where there was once free parking. After all this - NYPD officers as well as brownies aggressively ticket and yesterday one did so erroneously. She didn't care who she ticketed, but ticketed anyway. It is upsetting and annoying.

- The Long Island City Native


Anonymous said...

I barely unhooked my seatbelt on Bell Blvd the other day and the SOB was just about to ticket me. I wasnt bs'n in my car or on my cell, or anything. I had just pulled up and a brownie was about to ticket me.

They might be doin their job, but I am also.

Remember. It is the City and the elected Turd. Brownies cant admit it but its all numbers.

Anonymous said...

Legally park and you wont get tickets, it is as simple as that! Just because you L.I.C. people can't find parking, does'nt mean you should bash people for doing their jobs. I park in L.I.C. and at times it is hard to find parking. But if you look, and have to walk a little further, you will find a spot. You should live in Maspeth, where it is a free for all and the brownies don't do shit. And if you call the po po at the 104th pct, if you can actually get through, they don't come. Maybe after a few hours? But if someone blocks your driveway and you're in a rush, you can just forget about it. So either get rid of your car or walk a little further. And that parking lot is being turned into "the dept. of health and hygene", so blame them. Or just move to a better place, like out of Queens?

Anonymous said...

Get on the subway or pay for a spot in a garage. Problem solved. This is part of the cost / frustration of owning a car in the city.

Anonymous said...

You most certainly get tickets while legally parked. I once received a ticket in the time between parking the car and walking to the meter to put the money in, less than 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

LIC was never an easy place to legally park for any length of time in an area with a turn of the century architecture that was not designed to accomodate vehicules unless it was for warehousing and manufacturing. My issue is that the building code today could and should provide, despite the design costs, a % of a new building space to be set aside for parking, especially the further away it is from a subway or bus stop. Instead the code allows the developer to get away with no public benefit such as mandatory underground parking, green and plaza spaces etc. In LIC there is / was (sic) some instances for this type of requirement on larges spaces etc - the city missed the boat when encouraging willy nilly development that receive tax abatements incentives that provide nothing to the public other than sales incentives to buyers.

Zoro said...

We were being targeted in the busy shopping area in my nab for quite some time - BUT, they ALL say FAILED now.

Makes me proud to know that we have some good old fashioned American outlaws in the nab.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is "bogus" about the subby's tickets? S/he never explains, only complains about a lack of legal parking.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing people complaining about the removal of that parking lot in LIC. First of all the building was ugly as sin, a brutalist structure with a "simulated rock outcroping" which looked more like a turd smear. Talk about Queens Crap.

But also, would you really have left your car there? With all the addicts and bullshit going on in Queens Plaza? I sure as hell wouldn't. I don't feel like having my car torn apart for pieces.

Anonymous said...

So tired of drivers whining about not being about to find plentiful, free parking in an dense urban area whose existence is only possible precisely because it is not based on the car.

Deal with it. It is only going to get "worse". For most of us who are lucky not to have the car albatross around our necks, this means things will be getting "better".

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, NYC's existence IS based on the car. What would happen if cars were prohibited from NYC?


Anonymous said...

If you have a car you have to expect that you are going to have to pay for parking. One way or another - garage fees, or parking tickets. This is not Suffolk county. LIC has ready access to a half dozen subway lines. If you need a car here it purely for convenience not out of necessity. so quit wining about tickets and lack of parking. Move to suburbia, pay for your parking, or get rid of your car. Its that simple. Also the city should not be making more street parking availible or cowtowing to the SUV crowd multiple car per household lifestyle. This is not Los Angeles. We should be finding more way to encourage people to use mass transit. Lastly most new developments offer parking, it just that most people don't want to pay for it. That's why I have no sympathy.

Queens Crapper said...

I have no sympathy for you, either.

Manhattan may be the center of your universe, but to get to most of the rest of the borough, Brooklyn, the Bronx, New Jersey, Long Island, etc., you need a car. The statement "purely for convenience not out of necessity" is really judgmental and ignorant.

Who the hell are you to say that a person who lives in LIC doesn't need a car? And "a LIC native" obviously isn't living in one of the new developments. Duh.

georgetheatheist said...

Down with the Internal Combustion Engine! Smash the Motor!

Fresh Direct by bicycles!

Access-a-ride by pedals!

Helmet-heads of the World Unite! You have Nothing to lose but your Scrota!


Visite el estado hermoso de la Barranca Magnifica:


Anonymous said...

Most major areas of the Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx are easily accessed by subway. Those that are not can be accessed by subway and bus. New Jersey and Long Island can be reached by PATH and the LIRR. Acknowledge that certain areas are tough to reach, or may not offer the most pleasant communte by public transit, but it can be done on the occasions where it is needed. If you are making daily trips to some outlying areas, then question arises - why would you live in LIC? Would it not be easier to move closer to where you are spending the majority of your time? I've lived in LIC for over 15+ years and never found a need for a car and I've been all over the city using mass transit. It's never been a problem. Where I need to get a little closer or need to have the flexibility that a car offers I rent or use Zip Car. After taking into consideration insurance, parking, car payments, etc. It much much cheaper to rent a car for 40 days out of the year than to pay for owning a car.

There simply is no reason or excuse for owning a car in LIC other than for pure convenience.

Queens Crapper said...

"If you are making daily trips to some outlying areas, then question arises - why would you live in LIC? Would it not be easier to move closer to where you are spending the majority of your time?"

It may be easier, but if you grew up somewhere and love where you live, why move? Not everyone has such a pragmatic approach to where they settle down. Not everyone works on a 9-5 schedule, either. You know those bars you folks love to visit? Well, someone has to work them. You want to ride home on the E train at 4am?

Anonymous said...

I'm a LIC newbie asshole. I think I know everything about everything. I KNOW that mass transit is the only way to go, because the only place I ever go is to Manhattan, and at reasonable hours. I also ride a bike and scorn those who don't. I love to make a lot of noise on Vernon Blvd and disturb the people who live there. After all, I live down by the water so what do I care? That's why they didn't line Center Blvd with bars! You don't shit where you eat! Sorry, gotta run...time to take Fifi to the doggie day care.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I also am a LIC newbie asswipe. I don't own a car, because I take cabs and car services everywhere. When I want to go shopping or on a trip, I take a Zipcar. After all, I can afford to do that. If you can't afford it, fuck you. Get out of LIC. It's not for you. It's for me and people like me! "LIC native"? That means you lived here when it was a quiet mixed-use community. Ugh... It looks much better now as a hodge-podge of glass and steel.

Anonymous said...

"Most major areas of the Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx are easily accessed by subway. Those that are not can be accessed by subway and bus."

Love it. This guy obviously hasn't heard that the MTA is eliminating bus lines and cutting service all over the city.

Queens Crapper said...

You can get most places in this city faster with a car than with the subway and bus. The impracticality of our mass transit system means the outer boroughs will always remain reliant to some degree on the auto. To say this is not true is simply denying reality.

Anonymous said...

It may be easier, but if you grew up somewhere and love where you live, why move?


Agree 110% Which brings me back to my original point - Get on the subway or pay for a spot in a garage. This is part of the cost of living in the city. Why bitch about it? If you love LIC and need to commute to remote areas at 4am in the morning, then you have a choice to make. Its put up or shut up time.

Queens Crapper said...

The long-time residents generally aren't rich, need their cars and can't afford a garage. They aren't buying shiny new BMWs. You really think everyone has the same lifestyle and income as you?

Anonymous said...

"The long-time residents generally aren't rich, need their cars and can't afford a garage."

That's a bit of a blanket assumption. In my experience, "long-time" means "established" and "established" means "well-off". Some people will bitch and moan about anything, just because they don't want to spend a dime. Not that the yuppie scum should get their way either. It all comes down to sustain-ability, which ain't happening.

Queens Crapper said...

Established? We're talking people who bought when the market was nowhere near where it is now or those who inherited from their parents. Or even...dare I say it...renters.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I’m an old-timer LIC fart. I think I know everything about everything by virtue of sitting on my fat ass in LIC for a certain number of years. I know that I should be able to have 3 cars in my household and park them all within 50 feet of my doorstep, because that the way it's always been for the past 5 decades. I long for the day when LIC was a polluted cesspool of vacant warehouses and abandoned burnt out cars. The rats were big but friendly and we all knew each others names. I am unable or unwilling to deal with change so I have become bitter and resentful of my new neighbors. Rather than have an open mind I decided to live out my days stewing in bile. Gotta go! I think a parking spot just opened up and my husband has been circling the block for an hour. He needed to pick up a stick of butter and didn't want to go any of the local stores or get on the subway, so he drove to Elmont to get it from my favorite store.

Queens Crapper said...

It's funny how you assume the LIC Native must be an "old fart with three cars".

Most people I know who were born and raised in Queens can't afford 3 cars. Maybe the tower people do and that's why there's no parking in LIC.

Anonymous said...

* Discontinue off-peak Q26 service (operates weekdays only)
* Discontinue weekend Q31 service
* Discontinue off-peak Q42 service (operates weekdays only)
* Discontinue all Q74 service
* Discontinue all Q75 service
* Discontinue Saturday Q76 service (does not operate on Sundays)
* Discontinue all Q79 service

Note that all Q14 service will be discontinued but partially replaced by a new Q15 branch operating via 150th Street between the Cross Island Parkway and 11th Avenue.
* Discontinue overnight bus service on the Q30
* End Sunday service earlier on the Q48

No need for a car in queens, just walk an extra half mile or mile to your nearest remaining bus route, and stay home at night and on the weekend.

I recently had the unfortunate experience of taking the bus/subway from queens to brooklyn recently on a friday night. I spent 50 minutes waiting for the G train. By the time it came the platform was packed, and a HALF LENGTH train arrived!! It was more packed than the 6 train at rush hour. What could have been a 20 minute drive turned into a 2 hour trip. Relying on public transportation is completely impractical in many parts of the boro.

Queens Crapper said...

Thank you! I have several horror stories of my own.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to drive to Court Square quite often and have been wondering where are there any cheaper parking lots? Seems like all the ones around there are 10 bucks or more for the day. Any cheaper lots further away (ie 10 blocks or so max?)

If I have be be in the area around 7AM or earlier, can someone score a street parking spot??