Thursday, May 13, 2010

$5M for a park bridge in Brooklyn...

From the Courier-Life:

Brooklyn Heights’ next big makeover is underway — the resurrection of the long-defunct Squibb Park into a gateway to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Squibb Park closed because of regulations requiring that an employee work the comfort station — basically a shack with bathrooms and an attendant — during park hours. The new park, she said, will be an inviting hangout for all ages, and there will be a park employee on hand.

The renovations will be finished by mid-summer, the city has said.

But the second phase of the project — the $5-million bridge extending over Furman Street down to the pier — is hogging the spotlight for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, which wants to build, but lacks the funds.

The bridge was all but nixed last year when Mayor Bloomberg announced his budget woes. But now that the city has taken over maintenance and operations of the $350-million Brooklyn Bridge Park and allocated an extra $55 million to its construction, the Squibb Park Bridge is back on the table.

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