Friday, February 19, 2010

Walking in a Wilpon Wonderland...

Considering the usurpation of parkland for the creation of Shea Stadium and now CitiField, you would think the Mets would shovel the damn sidewalk outside their parking lots.
Or is this part of the deal with the city? We'll take the land, taxpayers pay for snow shoveling. Or not. Just leave it. Wasn't Bloomberg threatening fines to homeowners and businesses for not cleaning the snow? Well they need look no further than the entire perimeter of CitiField. I was ankle deep in the white stuff this past week.
It seems there's no trouble with the wide sidewalk right in front of the Mets offices where Wilpon's driver waits for him every night.

But screw everyone else who's just passing through. Who needs them?


Anonymous said...

schumer is ordering the "snow shovel stimulus" from obama's stash immediately.

see chuckie on sun.nite tv news lobbying his case.

Anonymous said...

This is true all over Queens. Several of the small triangular parks in Woodside remained covered in ice until, well until it MELTED. Has been like that for my whole life!

Why this is not a bigger story is beyond me but it seems most people simply accept it.

Sanitation supervisor was on my block this week and I pointed out a house that NEVER is shoveled. He said it's already too late if some of the ice has melted and you can conceivably pass through. I said well, come by next time and get out of the car and walk down the block...make plenty of money for the city...he didn't seem too interested in that!

Queens Crapper said...

I had a sanitation supervisor on my block who owned a corner property. The sidewalk on the main road was on a slope, and had a bus stop. He never shoveled it. It was like ice skating down hill.

stinky said...

Great point - Mets are responsible or have an obligation to shovel the adjacent walk next to their property. Wait till someone falls on the property next snow fall - the ambulance chasers will be stationed and set up shop all along the walk!

Anonymous said...

I guess Wilpon lost too much from the Madoff Scam that he think lawsuits from anybody who falls on their sidewalks are just pocket change losts to him now.