Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tweeders won't sign onto blight bill

From The Real Deal:

State Senator Bill Perkins is the latest local official to focus on the task of eminent domain reform, WNYC reported. Perkins has taken on the issue of the word "blight," in particular -- under eminent domain regulations right now, the government has the right to determine whether a community is blighted and allow the use of eminent domain. But Perkins contends that the term is too subjective. He's sponsoring a piece of state legislation that would require a stricter criteria for labeling a neighborhood blighted, even though he's found no one else to co-sign the proposal.

Frank? Joe? Malcolm? George? Toby? Shirley?

What's wrong?


Anonymous said...

Perkins for governor or mayor???

Any momentum?

Anonymous said...

dog catcher maybe