Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too many liquor licenses spoil the avenue

From the Daily News:

Astoria's 30th Ave. is known for its lively restaurant, bar and club scene.

It may be a little too lively, however, for local residents who worry that the area is oversaturated with places that serve alcohol.

"There is one stretch between 36th and 38th Sts. where there is a very high concentration of places with liquor licenses," said Donnelly Marks of the Norwood Neighborhood Association, a group of residents around the busy 30th Ave. strip.

"Some of the caf├ęs and restaurants are quite nice," she said. "But we've had people arrested at 3 and 4 a.m. on someone's front yard because they were fighting. Cars go racing down the streets, and people treat the sidewalks like they are a trash can."

Marks and members of the association are asking members of Community Board 1 to think twice before approving additional liquor licenses for 30th Ave. businesses - especially if they are clubs. There are a number of vacant properties that locals fear will add to the flow of booze.

Marks pointed out that one block, between 36th and 37th Sts., already has about 10 places that hold liquor licenses.


Anonymous said...

30th Avenue is fine. For all the people who want to live in the suburbs, it is time for you to move there.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have them all concentrated in one area then spread all around.

Queens Crapper said...

Oh here we go again with the "if you don't like living here, move to the suburbs" knee-jerk reaction to every complaint. Guess what - people who live in big cities deserve quality-of-life, too. They don't deserve people puking and peeing on their front lawns, they don't deserve the excess noise and they shouldn't be expected to move. These are the people who stuck through when things were really bad, made their communities better and now are seeing what they created decline. As far as I am concerned, they have every right to push the barhoppers out and back into Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

True! If you don't like them trying to improve their neighborhood then move the hell back to Manhattan, where you would live if you could afford to.

Anonymous said...

"I would rather have them all concentrated in one area then spread all around."

Actually, there is such a thing as oversaturation, and the people who live near these establishments should not be made to suffer.

Joe said...

There are no front yards I know of on 30th ave by the bars on Stienway ?
I been up there.
The trash on the street is clearly from all the pizza, chicken and kabob carts.

The trash bins are always overflowing.
The sanitation dept does not keep up with them

Anonymous said...

People live on the sidestreets, which is where the front yards are, and where these jerkoffs park their cars when they go to the bars. On the way back, they toss garbage, urinate and vomit all over the place.