Friday, February 5, 2010

Time to pay up!

Deadbeat developers cited

The Toy Building owes a pile of back taxes.

According to the city's Department of Finance, the building that owes the most in water charges and property taxes this year is Yitzchak Tessler's former Toy Building at 1 W. 24th St. -- aka 1107 Broadway.

The stalled condo development has racked up a tab of $3.5 million and holds a Lehman loan for $246 million. The firm's phone number no longer works.

Second is Yair Levy's bankrupt Park Columbus at 101 W. 87th St., which owes $1.8 million.

Number six is Yeshiva Yar Torah in Little Neck, Queens, which owes $889,139 going back to July 2008. The newly built pre-K to eighth grade school, which has its own tax lot inside a two-unit commercial condo, is a nonprofit and could be exempt from property taxes, but its officials didn't return calls prior to deadline. Finance did not have a record of any tax-exempt status.

In total, the top 10 delinquent New York City taxpayers owe $12.9 million in water charges and property taxes.

The city is this week sending 90-day notices of lien sale to 24,963 owners who owe a total of $454.3 million. That's down 23 percent from last year.


Anonymous said...

did the Elecchester projects in Queens(owned by the electricians union) ever pay their taxes ? it was a major amount.

Anonymous said...

Electchester has political clout. Har Torah will cry hardship, because its parents can't afford another tuition hike.