Monday, February 15, 2010

Recent fires raise concerns about budget cuts

From Fox 5:

All it took was a few minutes for more than a dozen small businesses to lose everything due to a major fire and now Queens and fire union officials are talking about the need to keep all firehouses open.

The fire in Jackson Heights on Saturday began in a furniture store and fueled by the all of the wood furniture swept through an entire row of businesses. It took 270 firefighters to get the fire under control.

The concern is that looming budget cuts may lead to the closing of 20 firehouses, several of which are in Queens.


Anonymous said...

Why are we pissing away money on firehouses and police, it's not as though New York City is a major terrorist target...Oh, wait.

Anonymous said...

Didn't take long for the unions to use this as a political football... If the are so concerned about keeping the firehouses open why don't they take a pay cut? That's what is running the city into the ground after all.

Babs said...

A PAY cut? . . . for FIREMEN?

. . . . are you for REAL?

The salaries of our teachers, cops, firemen, etc. are NOT high ENOUGH as far as I'm concerned.

What's running the city to the ground is corruption - specifically with the construction industry - organized extortion, bribery, illegal cartels, and bid rigging characterize construction in the city. The basis for much of this crime is labor racketeering, controlled or orchestrated by organized crime.

M. Bloomturd said...

I NEED the money for huge development projects. Right Claire?

stinky said...

Fire and Police are basic services that should be never targeted for cuts - it's short sighted and possibly illegal to enact. If 9/11 serves as an example then look back as a reminder to what these services represented and served us then. Please consider hospital closings as the same basic need that POL locally and at the state level have ignored. Remember, you make a difference so does your vote against those who ignored or proposed - supported these cuts.