Thursday, February 4, 2010

Parking woes in LIC, Flushing

From NY1:

Downtown Flushing is expected to undergo some major changes in the coming years, but not everyone is on board with the plan to redevelop the area.

It doesn't matter what YOU want, only what the developer wants. See here from the Daily News:

Developers of the project - which would also include office space and a YMCA - said their plan calls for a 1,600-space parking garage.

That won't cut it, though, said Terence Park, leader of the group Political Coalition of Flushing.

"It's already so congested," Park said, adding that the new development will mean even more people vying for spots on the block bounded by 37th and 38th Aves. and 138th and Union Sts.

"I believe we need at least 2,000 parking spaces to accommodate housing and Flushing Commons," Park said.

Chuck Apelian, vice chairman of Community Board 7, agreed.

The initial plan in 2005 called for the site to include 2,000 parking spaces.

"I think we have to stick to the original agreement and I see no reason to reduce the parking," Apelian said, adding that the new plan for 1,600 spaces was "unilaterally decided by the developers."

Let's all watch Chuck stick to his guns like he did with Willets Point...

From the Daily News:

Long Island City buzzes where Van Dam St. traffic grinds into Thomson Ave. near LaGuardia Community College, the National Hockey League-sized City Ice Pavilion and a Manhattan-convenient subway stop.

But every day, only lucky motorists manage to find parking along those blocks - a situation that torments drivers and bedevils local stores and restaurants.

The problem begins with the prevalence of local education draws like DeVry and LaGuardia Community College, a Days Inn hotel and a center for playing laser tag and paintball.

Also, many commuters from across Queens seek parking spaces before hopping onto nearby subway lines for the ride into Manhattan.

Those factors - plus the closing of a municipal lot at Jackson Ave. and Queens Blvd. a few years ago - compound parking woes.

Motorists battle even to pay steep fees at lots so overwhelmed that they turn away dozens of irritated potential patrons every day.

Students say they arrive in the area a few hours early just to ensure a space. If they show up later, they risk missing classes while repeatedly circling the blocks.

I thought if you included less parking in developments, then there would be more space because everyone would ride their bikes. Whoops...


Anonymous said...

You students, park 6 or 8 blocks away and walk to your school. I'm afraid the "I must park in front of my building " syndrome has taken effect here. Walking is good for you. When it rains bring an umbrella.

Anonymous said...

"You students, park 6 or 8 blocks away and walk to your school. I'm afraid the "I must park in front of my building " syndrome has taken effect here. Walking is good for you. When it rains bring an umbrella."


Anonymous said...

Build more parking lot [sic].

Build more parking lotS.

Anything to disrupt the asian way of life in Downtown Flushing is PERFECTLY fine with me.

Queens Crapper said...

Who said it's the "Asian way of life?" It's a commuter parking lot. Meaning more than likely everyone but the Asians of Flushing will be affected.

Anonymous said...

What the hell do bikes have to do with an area that has been crowded for ten years with the school and business around there? Good reach though cause most people dont want to bike those roads.

The school can build a parking ramp or make one bigger if they have one.

Its an area always littered with car accident glass consistently for a long time. Do the police watch for speeding or reckless turns by the school in LIC\Sunnyside.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Flushing Municipal lot #1, the community board (CB#7 718-359-2800)has a meeting about the lot tonight (February 24th), at the Union Plaza Care Center at 33-23 Union Street, Flushing-1st floor. The article correctly states that the original plan (which was used to win the BID) called for 2,000 spaces. The developer is only willing to build 1,600 spaces with fees capped for only 5 years (what happens after 5 years?). The proposed redevelopment has it's pluses and minuses, but it is clear that it seems unfair to offer to build 2,000 spaces to win the site, then scale it back later. If anyone has something to say, I suppose they should say it there.

Anonymous said...

The Flushing Parking Lot 1 and the Willets Point Project should be looked at as one project as far as the impact on the roads highways and utlities including drainage As anyone taken into count the traffic that will be generated when the Muss project opens.

George said...

Just tossing this out there, it's a New York parking iPhone app: