Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mayor should shovel snow instead of shit

From Juniper Civic:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quoted today in the NY Daily News as warning NYC residents and business owners to “start shoveling or else.”

“It’s reasonably warm, so the shoveling should be easy,” the mayor said.

Home and business owners who don’t shovel face a $100 fine (it could go as high as $350). City workers were spotted handing out citations in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and other neighborhoods.

“The Mayor should get his own house in order before threatening home and business owners,” said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association. Holden said that dozens of city owned property and pedestrian thoroughfares in Middle Village and are never shoveled. The Juniper Park Civic Association has been complaining for years about city owned sidewalks that are rarely shoveled. This includes pedestrian overpasses, bridges, and other city property.

“The Mayor loves to preach but this is a good example of how out of touch he really is. I’m sure that public areas in Manhattan are cleared but the mayor should try getting into his SUV and drive through Queens and other boroughs. Most city owned sidewalks in our neighborhood are NEVER cleared of snow,” said Holden.

On Friday, the Juniper Park Civic Association documented over a dozen locations in the area that are sheets of ice and dangerous. As a result JPCA has designed a NYC Citizen’s Notice of Violation form for residents to symbolically issue violations to the City of New York and the mayor for failure to shovel sidewalks and other violations of NYC laws. Residents can visit to download the summons form. They are asked to send the form to the mayor’s office in City Hall.

Click here to download

The Juniper Park Civic Association urges everyone to comply with the law, including the City of New York and the Mayor.


CntrySigns said...

Silly Silly....
That would cost the city money in stead of make it.

Anonymous said...

Snow tax.The city is desperate for cash.Oh i forgot,someone has to pay for the sanctuary city.

Michelle said...

Although the more I think about it, I think Federal is responsible for bridge walkways. I know they have a separate contract for the street lights than the city does.

Anonymous said...

There are numerious NYC property areas that expose someone to hurt themselfs trying to navigate passing through.
One such area are the 2 sides of the unopened Tanks Park. They are long sidewalks that are impassable and folks walk out onto the slushy street to avoid breaking limbs to instead be hit by cars? In any case lawsuits is expected to be filed when folks do break limbs on City property. Students from the 2 big schools in Maspeth along with some parents must walk to and from each day. Know a good lawyer?

linda said...


i bust my ass to keep my property and my neighbors clean, so you guys can clean the areas which your complaining about.

maybe then if the city sees your willing to work with them instead of bitching we would get things done here in queens.

FlooshingRezident said...

Come to Flooshing! Lots of mysteriously empty-looking houses with lots of mysterious white vans at night and lots of mysterious male tenants AND NO SHOVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

no one cleared the ice/snow from the curbs ,at the mail box drops ,in front of the Bayside P.O.

although the new play ground/park at P.S.159 was cleared so that teacher's cars could park. the gates were finally opened and snow manicured from the curb, so cars could drive over them.

it is strange that no community teens have been able to play there. gates are always locked 24/7.

Anonymous said...

The area in the photo is never shoveled. My mom feel and broke her arm there back in the early
70's a couple of days after a snowstorm. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny, the city complaining about people not shoveling their property... how about if the CITY shovels its OWN property???

The sidewalks at the underpasses at 70th Ave in Glendale, where it goes under the freight trains, is NEVER cleared.

Anonymous said...

Come to Flooshing! Lots of mysteriously empty-looking houses with lots of mysterious white vans at night and lots of mysterious male tenants AND NO SHOVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm sure the lovely Asians are working on a way to deal with the problem. Some sort of highly toxic chemicals to "kill" the snow so they dont have to shovel it, just like how they kill the trees so they dont have to sweep in the fall.