Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marty's $64M potato chip gets rotten reviews

From the Courier-Life:

Brighton Beach and Coney Island residents spoke out against the borough president’s plan to spend $64 million in taxpayer money to build an amphitheater in Asser Levy Seaside Park -- a plan many contend is unwise while the city and state prepare to cut services due to the worsening economy.

“One thousand firemen are going to be cut next year but [Borough President] Marty [Markowitz] will build his amphitheater. He can fiddle in his amphitheater while Brooklyn burns,” Paul Sternblitz accused at last week’s meeting of Community Board 13.

“They want to build an amphitheater at the very same time they are slashing funds for services,” said Al Turk, vice president of Temple Beth Abraham.

Public school budgets are being cut “but somehow they have $64 million for an amphitheater that only our grubby politicians want?” Turk challenged.

Sternblitz’s brother, Ralph, believes the amphitheater will cost even more than expected.

“You think it’s going to cost only $64 million? Don’t believe it,” he said. “Maybe double! Maybe triple!”

“This is our money! Not the politicians money to squander away!” Turk asserted.

In spite of community opposition, Markowitz remains committed to the amphitheater plan.


Anonymous said...

just another part of the democrat/liberal n.y.c. nightmare ?
and the beat goes on.....

Anonymous said...

Sure ain't Queens.

Here it would be impolite to say something unkind about either the City Council or Boro President or for that case, any official.

Here issues are decided by two criteria: what is good for developers and what is good for the tweeded.

Hence our agonized cries over the 7 Train and our unfortunate involuntary reaction of creaming our pants every time the word 'immigrant' is uttered.

Anonymous said...

He should focus on getting rid of or stopping Atlantic Yards fom ever occurring. These folks all aspire to build monuments as their legacies. It's a Bloomberg thing?

Anonymous said...

This is a boondoggle of a project. It will cost well over the $ 64 million dollars & take away the only Green Space Park in the neighborhood, & at the same time destroy the quality of life in a residential area.
They are cutting monies from Fire , Education, Police , Health Services but Marty Markowitz will have his Monument to himself.
We have over 12,000 signatures AGAINST this project.
You know Marty : Not all of us have a chauffuer to drive us around town. We have to look for parking when we get home from work. We also like to pray in peace & quiet at our neighborhodd synagogues which are located within the 500 foot rule of NYC Administrative Code, which we tolerate for the 5-6 Concerts you present over the summer. You know you are in violatin of the Sound Permitting Law.
We don't want or need the 4-5 Concerts a week, 4-5 months a year with over 40,000 people trampling through our neighborhood during the week.
This project should be relocated in the Coney Island Amusement district or in Keyspan Park, which by the way is only used 33 days per year.