Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long suspected, now confirmed

From the NY Post:

The cash-starved city is socking New Yorkers with a massive ticket blitz in a bid to pump an extra $80 million into its depleted coffers, records show.

Reluctant to raise taxes publicly, the Bloomberg administration is pursuing a “stealth tax” — launching an unprecedented squeeze on Big Apple residents and businesses, cracking down on parking, health, safety and quality-of-life infractions with a vengeance, the data shows.

The ongoing blitz has worked so well that City Hall bean counters expect to rake in a record $884 million in fines by the end of this fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

That’s a 10% jump over last year’s $802 million.

And there’s no letting up. Fines are projected to increase to $896 million in 2011.


JO said...

taking money out of citizens' hands to put in gov't control. They should be more productive.

Anonymous said...

don't break the rules/laws.

Klink Cannoli said...

As a motorcycle rider, I'm well aware of this tactic by the Mayor. He's been targeting riders for the last 2 years with incredible audacity through the arms of the NYPD and new legislation. It has come to such a ridiculous level that rider groups have started to band together for representation and political action.

But this is not such an original idea. Many government agencies have long held the power to "fine" the public with flexible regulatory parameters when in the red. If not by the letter of the law, then by creative interpretation.

Jeff said...

We've seen the increased ticketing for parking in Astoria - some of it totally baffling.

Anonymous said...

And enforcing that law is a bad thing? The only thing I'm against are cases where it almost seems like entrapement (ie changing the parking rules in the middle of the night than ticketing you in the morning). Either way, in bad times, people always tow the line, so this is not a shocker.

Anonymous said...

This mayor has some nerve. The unemployment rate is sky high and banks won't lend money to businesses. He encourages businesses to hire people - how? - when everything is stacked against them and then add overzealous ticket writes - crazy! Be careful out there average joes - b/c the developers and bankers aren't the ones getting the tickets.
- The Concerned Long Island City Native

Anonymous said...

i'd love to see this put into affect in the bronx, where illegal sidewalk vendors are prevalent, people on stoops have car steroes blaring all night long, and gypsy cabs operate all along major roads. The cops could clean house along Fordham Rd all day long.

But instead it'll be about parking violations in queens, and jaywalking. or imagined offenses that cops write up while ignoring real crimes and illegal immigrantrs.

Anonymous said...

Does this policy apply to DOB inspectors as well?

Citing developers for illegal construction would be a real revenue generator for the city, and further the aims that Crappy espouses.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I know how we can stop this -- FOLLOW THE RULES -- duh!