Monday, February 1, 2010

Keeping an eye out for birds

From the Queens Chronicle:

Federal Aviation Administration officials announced plans on Monday to implement a bird strike prevention plan for the proposed waste transfer station in College Point.

Under the FAA’s plan, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will monitor all bird activity around the trash site with an on-site biologist, who will visit the facility once a week for the first two years. The scientist would alert FAA officials to unusual bird activity at the site, an observation that would prompt orders close the facility until the problem is addressed.


ew-3 said...

Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.

First I'm going to put a dump much to close to an airport.

Then I will pay someone to monitor it and tell me when to shut it down.

Of course we will need to provide a backup facility far away from the airport.

Anonymous said...

Can I get that job, Federal Bird Watching? or Special Agent Bird Monitor?

would look real good on my resume

Anonymous said...

Why build it if it is going to be shut down eventually? Who's tweeding whom?

Anonymous said...

If they can't take a joke, flock 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take obtaining a rocket science degree for any novice to already know that if you build it...the garbage transfer station...they will come....the sea gulls that is!

H-m-m-m....maybe launching some mini-drones can take care of the gulls.

Wadda ya think Mr. Doofus Government Man?

Anonymous said...

I have trouble taking care of my own "bird".


Anonymous said...

So while the budget is in "crisis" mode, the city administration is moving forward with this boondoggle? Let's get rid of fire houses and other important services in order to allow someone to line their pockets...with our tax money! Mayor Bloomturd for a 4th term...NOT!!!

Liman said...

You don't get it. It's a joke, see? The punch line is that the Federal Bird Inspectors visit ONCE a week to see if there is unusual bird activity. Like plsying bingo or writing novels. Then they tell the FAA. Ha ha.

What? They're serious? No way. Not possible. Our government wouldn't do something so spectacularly stupid as visit a bird feeding frenzy once a week, and claim that's enough to be certain LGA is safe every day.


Anonymous said...

Flushing Airport may be needed once again...for emergency landings!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know? Flushing Airport is environmentally protected for takeoff and landing by geese, mosquitoes, and aliens! Mulder's primordial slime is in the quicksand where it has devoured generations of drunken truckers. You can hear their howling souls at night, trying to break free of the quicksand, begging for the saucer to eternity!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why there's been a helicopter hovering over the Flushing Airport area for the last 5 nights or so?