Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Domestic violence petition

Hello All,

There is a growing epidemic that is spreading at unexpected speeds......Domestic Violence! The people who are most affected by this are women and children.

I myself for one happen to be a woman and I happen to also be a victim of domestic violence which is why I started this petition.

Whether or not you have ever been involved in domestic violence, I am asking for your help in calling public attention to the needs of women, children and families that have been hurt by this heinous act that all too many times gets ignored once they enter the court system.

Please sign this petition today.

I am calling on individuals who oppose this heinous act to please sign the petition which is calling for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to hold the Judges, Law Guardians and abusers accountable for their actions. Yes domestic violence is a big issue, but if we are steadfast in making our complaints known and voices heard then they cannot continue to ignore us. I am appealing to women and yes the honorable men who absolutely oppose violent acts committed against women and children to please sign the petition. Men you have mothers, daughter's, sisters and nieces. You would not condone this sort of behavior against the female members of your family so please help us to speak out against this and sign the petition.

All too many times Domestic Violence cost's mother's their children and their happiness and in extreme cases their lives.

* 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence
* Bureau of Justice Statistics (Intimate Partner Violence) states that more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day.

Most people believe that if its not in their household that domestic violence does not affect them but this is untrue.


Please, please sign the attached petition.
Your support is needed whether or not you have been a victim of domestic violence. Your signature is simply a sign that you care.

-Angeline Hassell


Anonymous said...

Hmmm,no posts wonder a prick like monserat can get over.................

Anonymous said...

have you complained to the Supervising Judge Hon. Carol Stokinger?

how about the place to complain about judges? might be more effective since petitions in court are considered hearsay.

try this organization
Legal Information for Families Together

Telephone Hotline: Call (212) 343-1122

Babs said...

I don't understand though what exactly this petition is asking for.

Too many women involved in a custody battle unfortunately will claim they are being abused or that the child(children) are victims of abuse simply because they gain the advantage over their ex and most importantly the finances. Child support pays VERY WELL, and to some people(women AND MEN) it is a career choice.

Although NOT a defender of our family courts - I see them ALL as "dens of iniquity" - in the case of domestic violence, caution must be taken to be as certain as possible that these accusations are true. Children many times HAVE to be taken from BOTH parents if there is evidence of abuse and neglect. Until they find out exactly who is the offender - the child stays with the guardian.

Anonymous said...

there is already awareness. what's needed are shelters designed soley for women who are victims of domestice violence. There should also be some sort of alarm system, because when 'they" say: Call 911, what's the point when the man will knock you down or kill you when you try to get to the phone?

There should be somewhere with no drugs, and clean, as in neat, for someone to go to immediately. The stupid hot line numbers have imbeciles working on them, and even if they had smart women working on them, THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO in NYC.

Queens Crapper said...

They already have domestic violence shelters in NYC.