Tuesday, February 9, 2010

District 24 chooses Weprin

The dynasty lives.


Anonymous said...

Voters are so fucking stupid

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Anonymous said...

Weprin only won until Nov... hopefully constituents will wake up by then.. and actually go out and vote

Anonymous said...

Perhaps in November, Mark will want his Assembly job back, and David will want to return to City Council again.

Another round of musical chairs, coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Voters are assholes. I always say that you get the government you deserve. Well, I hope these idiots are happy with this wimp.

Anonymous said...

so, weprin kicks his ass by 30 points.

and stupid freidrich and padavan go out and have press conferences with huge pictures of a piece of lit, highlighting his insensitivity on anti-semetic acts.

a piece of lit that barely anyone recieved.

shit, if freidrich was that stupid he deserves to lose.

Anonymous said...

frierich got played badly on this one. why would these morons go around and advertise some shit about nazis ?????

completely bizarre.

i didnt beat my wife, really....

Anonymous said...

The funny part is Padavan, being the idiot that he is, completely played into this.

I hope Colonel Padavan is out these in November waving around swastikas also.

Man, Avella is going to kick this guys ass bad.

Anonymous said...

When will Bob Freedrich learn that Frank Padavan is using him ? The man has now completely destroyed his reputation, he has lost three times, and Frank still makes fun of him constantly behind his back.

Bob, have you heard Frank talking about "my big Oak from Glen Oaks" ?

Anonymous said...

Freidrich got 8% of the vote just on the conservative line. He got 38% total. Republicans accounted for another 20%. Which means he got only 10% of the Democrats and Independants and Weprin got 62% of them.

Looks like the hate-crimes mailer was brilliant and drove turnout for Werpin.

Anonymous said...

This election was very good news. Every election Bob gains on the weprin brothers.
At this rate, in the near future victory is assured for Bob.
Lets be realistic, the average age of a weprin voter is probably in the low 80,s.
In a few more elections, from attrition alone Bob will be the clear and decisive winner. This has the machine in a state of panic. Its a generational thing. This areas hillary machine never thought Obama would win, suprise.
They never thought Scott Brown would win, suprise.
And in the future as Bob and his ever growing number of supporters, go against the ever dwindling weprin base, suprise.

Go get em Bob

Anonymous said...

In the future, as the demograph of the area continues to change. The elderly jewish majority will be replaced by another demograph.
Will the new demograph majority vote for weprin or one of their own?
And will the remaining jewish population vote for Friedrich as a last ditch effort to maintain a political voice and prevent a further reduction of political power in the area.
It will be interesting to watch this one.
Bob Friedrich has been doing everything right at Glen Oaks. He has been attracting young proffesionals and encoraging them to stay and invest in the community. While other co-ops in the area thru desperation and declining flip tax revenue will allow anything with a pulse to buy an apartment.
In the end it looks clear that Bob will win sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

In the end it looks clear that Bob will win sooner or later.

yea, in the end, death wins out sooner or later, too.

long before that johnny liu and the far eastern cash flow he represents will have hosed out glenn oaks

Anonymous said...

Freidrich is running out of political parties to run in. He should try to form his own party. His supporters should clean up their act and learn how to use less street language.

Klink Cannoli said...

Is Lino having a conversation with himself again?

The electoral machine is so confused.
2 sole candidates running under 6 different political bodies at the ballots. What the heck! Focus guys!

Anonymous said...

when a CM uses taxpayer dollars,($i.5 million) to buy Queens property for his religious flock,he will always get elected to any position he wants. until the flock sells it to another new religious flock or the D.O.E. (another religion dominated social engineering group.)

Anonymous said...

Bob Freidrich is Obama ?

He should three or four more times (after running three times already) ?

He should wait till all the Jewish voters die then he emerge like a phoenix from people he is recruting to live in Glen Oaks ?

Who is writing this stuff ?

Bob or Frank. How bizarre.

Anonymous said...

"it will be interesting to watch this one" ?

Really ?

Freidrich got beat running as a Republican when he ran for the Assembly.

Freidrich got beat running as a Democrat for the City Council by twenty points.

Freidrich got beat running as a Republican for the Assembly in a Special Election by 25 points.

And this is interesting to watch ?

You must be really bored if you think this is interesting. He will be the perenial candidate that will never win anything.

Mark Weprin wont be be up for the Council till 4 years from now.

David Weprin wont be beat in the Primary (by ultra-conservative, anti-choice, anti-hate crime Freidrich ?) or General Election this year and wont be up again for two years.

So, when is Bob Freidrich going to actually win anything.

What an embarassment that man has become. He was once a respected civic leader.

Now he is a tool for Vinnie Tabone and Frank Padavan and they both make fun of his endlessly over at the Douglaston Club.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Bayside Officers Club and padavan was saying that he is going to keep convincing Freidrich to run against the Weprins forever. he said "its in his blood and he doesnt have a lot of brains."

I used to be involved with Holly Givic and I rmemeber Freidrich being around and respected in the civic world. now he is like a joke. anyone know why he does this ? Does he need the money ? Is he broke ?

Anonymous said...

People are idiots Freidrich is not a good candidate. Weprin has the name to stay in office. Get over it and why would Weprin send out anti-semetic flyers when the man is jewish.. Jezz..And Padavan is another one who wont be voted out because of his name and no matter whether or not Padavan backs Freidrich, no one will vote for him because 1. He claims not to be from the political circle, 2. Hes odd looking and 3. He has a moustache nobody with a 'stache can be trusted.
- No matter what I will always vote for the Weprins because what have they done so wrong to bash them and what do the other candidates have to offer? nothing

Queens Crapper said...

Weprin has the name to stay in office.

What the hell does that mean? You support dynasties?

Get over it and why would Weprin send out anti-semetic flyers when the man is jewish.

I don't know. Why did he?

He has a moustache nobody with a 'stache can be trusted.

David Weprin has a mustache.

No matter what I will always vote for the Weprins because what have they done so wrong to bash them and what do the other candidates have to offer? nothing

How about being Christine Quinn's lapdog for the past 4 years? How about voting for Willets Point? How about voting for term limits and then playing switcheroo with the bro (who actually said the city council was a step up from the assembly. What does that say about his bro)?

Anonymous said...

You make some good points Crappy, as always.

But Freidrich is a tool.

He was once a realy good civic leader. Now he is a lapdog for Phil Ragusa and Frank Padavan.

He cant win any of these seats. He has run for two different seats, three different times, under two different parties, and he has never come closer than 20 points.

A Padavan supporter on this blog says Freidrich is making headway and should continue to run based on the political strategy that "all the Jews are dying" in Eastern Queens. What does that tell you ?

If Padavan was his friend and ally, he would not abuse the guy like this. Playing to his ego, playing to his desire to be an elected official.

Its really sad and I hope Bob wakes up one day.

Lino said...

Here I am reading the minding my own business, reading the comments and this genius spouts:

"Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Anonymous Klink Cannoli said...
Is Lino having a conversation with himself again?"

I wasn't going to get involved with this topic 'cause it doesn't affect me but, if you look at the demographic trends out there you'll see that the gop is slowly running out of meat 'n potatoes types and that this has been a long term trend.

Have a look at these easy to understand facts;


Note that the republicans are the only group showing long term decline.

Reading these comments might give the impression that Queens County is some ancient bastion of Bunker-ites with Nixon buttons on their flannel shirts.

But, if you watch the actual election results is shows that democrats win in the majority of cases, often by blowout margins and republicans that do win are often marginal and always in areas predominately white but trending ethnic.

So say whatever you like, vent all you want, but know what is really happening.

Queens Crapper said...

Friedrich can't win because a bunch of morons vote like sheep for the incumbent or the familiar name every time. It's like a 90% occurrence nationwide. It doesn't mean he is a bad candidate.

Anonymous said...

A Republican friend of mine told me that Friedrich owns six apartments in Geln Oaks and the economy is hurting him, so he could use the paycheck from being an Assemblyman. I agree. I dont know why a respected civic leader has lowered himself like this. He is going to be one of those guys who eventually stops running and he looks back and lost 15 years of his life and his reputation. Its sad cause he was once so respected in the civics world.

Anonymous said...

You say Freidrich can never win.
They said the same thing about Scott Brown.
George Washington could never win either.
That black fellow Obama will never win.
etc. etc. etc.
Weprin fans really are in denial.
The American people are waking up to familar politics, and they have had enough of it.
Sooner or later Bob will win. The man is determined

Anonymous said...

former queens democrats realize that they are being screwed by their "chosen" politicians .

each week they are learning of the machine corruption ,in n.y.c. jailbirds can not be elected .

i remind you of N.J,Va.,Mass., Westchester and Nassau Counties.
U.S. Dem. senators are beginning to vote against the Reid/Pelosi/obama policies.

g.o.p. percentages are irrelevant when the electorate rejects socialism/liberalism/progressives.

Anonymous said...

Bob Friedrich is like George Washington and Obama ?

I pray for my friend Bob that he wrote that. Its understandable for a candidate to want to pump themselves up.

But if Tabone and Padavan wrote that and thats the kind of silly things they are telling him, it makes me sad. Bob is a goood guy and doesnt deserve that.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at this districts future. The census dept. clearly shows that the elderly jewish majority is rapidly eroding. They are very rapidly being replaced by other groups.
Will the new ethnic majority vote for the weprin brothers? Or once they become the areas dominate group will they follow another groups leader (weprin brothers)?
History has again and again demonstrated that when a new enclave takes control that they will vote for their own people.
The democratic machine knows this, and will pull the weprin brothers out of the area and use them in another district. Mabe long island.
What that means is the jewish voters who are left in this district will have a choice. Bob Friedrich or the other groups choice.
Will they vote for Bob or will they attempt to produce another candidate?
This is going to interesting to watch as it unfolds. What will the outcome be? Will the rapidly changing demograph have a profound affect in this district? Will the machine offer other candidates aside from the weprin brothers? And will the areas current majority vote for a candidate other than their own when that happens?
No matter how you look at it, Bob wins sooner or later.