Thursday, February 4, 2010

City announces Queens high school replacements

From the Daily News:

The city has selected the four schools that are to replace the three Queens high schools being phased out - and each has its own outside-the-box curriculum.

The Hillside Arts and Letters Academy and the High School for Community Leadership are to open their doors in the Jamaica High School building in the fall.

Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability will replace Beach Channel High School and the Cambria Heights Academy will take the place of the Business, Computer Applications and Entrepreneurship High School.

The Panel for Educational Policy voted last Tuesday to phase out the three schools one year at a time, despite community opposition.

A third school is slated for Jamaica and a second one is planned for Beach Channel the following year.

Hillside plans to focus on visual arts, music and writing. The Community Leadership school will emphasize community service.

Rockaway Park's curriculum will center around environmental and social sustainability. Students can study organic foods and nutrition, green building and development, as well as renewable energy and culinary arts.

Cambria Heights Academy will focus on technology.


Anonymous said...

who is the fruitcake "educator" who is responsible for the renaming of these schools?

they belong in a "fruitcake rubber room".

Anonymous said...

So they're phasing out schools to save money, and phasing in new schools at what cost? Assholes.

Anonymous said...

Wont the same teachers and same students be at these schools?

Renaming them will do what?

If you live in Jamaica and were attending jamaica high school before, where will you go to high school?

primadonna said...
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primadonna said...

The teachers at these schools will need to reapply for the positions at the new schools. Most won't be hired back because they are senior teachers and make too much money. These teachers not hired will end up in the ATR(Absent Teacher Reserve) pool as substitutes. Then BloomKlein will publicly declare what a disgrace it is we have a few thousand teachers the DOE has to pay full benefits for who don't have permanent jobs. Except it was THEM who created the problem in the first place. The teachers being hired in these new schools are not in it for the long run. And that's what Bloombutt wants - temporary teachers keeping labor costs down. They don't see the negative implication for high turnover of staff in schools. To them it's a data driven business, nothing more.

Then what the new schools will do is that they will encourage most Special Ed. and ELL(English Language Learner) kids to not go to these schools citing they don't have the proper resources for them. These students will go to the nearest large public school bringing those scores down. BloomKlein will then say those schools have gone down and need to be closed.
Jamaica HS, Newton HS, possibly Flushing HS closing.
The "problem" kids form these schools will now go to Bayside HS, Francis Lewis HS, and Cardozo HS. I predict those schools will be closed in 4-5 years.
Teaching in NYC schools are done.

The Eli Broad-Bloomberg-Klein Final Solution for our schools.

georgetheatheist said...

Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

"Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep. So beware. Beware."

David M. Quintana said...

Isn't it about time that people realize it's the Bloom/Klein education system that's failing our kids and not the other way around..??

Anonymous said...

was not Joel Klein,the Chancellor, the Clinton administration chief counsel who litigated the U.S. government vs Microsoft Corp. Supreme Court case ?

it resulted in the downsizing of the corporation,i believe ?

Anonymous said...

I think many teachers simply do not get the credit they deserve, but many, and not all, with seniority and a sense of entitlement are poor educators and blight to the system. Those flaky teachers were around when I went to HS and I'm sure not much has changed. This is obviously a way to weed them out and let the true educators rise out of the mess.

primadonna said...

But what you don't understand is that the policies they've implemented to "weed out" these bad apples are weeding out some really great teachers who are fed up with the bullshit.
The misery is being felt throughout the whole staff. I agree, if there are some really incompetent teachers, the by all means PLEASE harass them until they leave. These people make the rest of us teachers' jobs that much harder.
It is not difficult to figure out who is not doing their job.

PizzaBagel said...

Anonymous said...

who is the fruitcake "educator" who is responsible for the renaming of these schools?

they belong in a "fruitcake rubber room".

There's probably an person in the DOE dedicated to this ridiculous task. He or she likely has an official title something like CNO -- Chief Naming Officer. How Orwellian.