Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chuck has 19.3 million bucks

From the Daily News:

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has an astonishing $19.3 million in campaign cash on hand - more than any other senator in the nation - and he's running virtually unopposed for a third term.

The Brooklyn Democrat raised a hefty $2.9 million in the last three months of 2009 alone, adding to his bulging war chest. He spent only about $298,000 in the same period - most of it on chit-building contributions to fellow pols.

The mountain of money has scared off all serious state Republicans, who had a hard enough time fielding little-known ex-Nassau County legislator Bruce Blakeman to run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Not that Schumer is totally unopposed.

He's facing a longshot primary challenge from drug law reform advocate and comedian Randy Credico.

CNBC host Larry Kudlow is mulling a potential challenge on the GOP line. And Dominican community activist Martin Chicon plans to announce his run as a Republican next week.


Anonymous said...

in December 2009, i called his office to request that he vote "NO" for the obamacare bill in the senate.
i chose three proposals in the bill that would diminish benefits for senior citizens.

when i asked the female staffer to read my comments back,she had not bothered to record them.

when i told her that she violated my constitutional right to petition my U.S.senator,she hung up.........

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if we could get rid of both Ackerman and Schumer. But there has to be legitimate opponents, not comedians.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to check Chuck's unlimited power.

Anonymous said...

Targeting Shummer by anyone who wants to take a shot at him is certainly desirable. The more who do it the better chance Shummer will slip and an issue - a good one will be developed so that the public takes notice!

Anonymous said...

do you think the Trial Lawyers ,U.F.T. and Goldman Sachs,S.E.I.U. made up the brunt of $2.9 million he got , in the last three months of 2009?