Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brooklyn Hell House

From Sheepshead Bites:

We received a number of e-mails and photos about this building at East 18th Street and Voorhies Avenue. Apparently, unhappy tenants got tired of airing their grievances to the landlord about the bed bugs, and now they’ve made it public. I’ve seen “Welcome to Hell” painted on the building several times over the years.

Does anyone know what the deal with this house is? I’ve heard it was a halfway house or some other sort of institutional housing, while others have told me it’s a boardinghouse for illegal immigrants. That’s a “For Rent” sign on the column, so that may nix the first idea, and – awful as it sounds – the grammar is a little too good to be done by ESL residents.

A follow-up post reveals the lovely home it once was.


Anonymous said...

give me the complete street address and I can find out.

at first glance:

three quarter house scam
(packing in 4 or 5 bunkbeds per room to take welfare shelter allowance)
certificate of occupancy defective
illegal conversion
electrical wiring hazardous & not inspected by a licensed electrician
constant plumbing problems
cracks to foundation
holes in roof
vermin infestation
bed bugs, roaches, termites
broken front door lock
broken mail boxes
trip hazard on stairs
fire hazard,no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors
fire hazard, garbage build up inside premises
no fire egress

or egress blocked.
windows broken, window frames rotting.

no garbage recycling
possible Elder Abuse or Child abuse

tenants do not have leases
landlord steals mail
most likely manager/landlord is an illegal alien.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Where's Bluto and Otter?