Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beware of the gypsies!

From the Daily News:

A band of gypsies that targets the elderly is being sought for a months-long string of burglaries in at least three boroughs - and may also be wanted in other states, police sources said.

The roaming drifters posed as utility workers "checking for leaks." They've looted at least 10 homes in Queens and the Bronx since September, but may be connected to similar burglaries in Brooklyn, the sources said.

Investigators have identified Steve Demetro and 29-year-old John George as suspects in four burglaries in Astoria and six around Throgs Neck in the Bronx, sources said.

The pair are part of a group of gypsies that authorities believe may be traveling from state to state, conning senior citizens to get inside their homes and steal their personal belongings.

In each case, the scammers knock on the door of an elderly resident's home with the ruse that they are responding to a service issue. As one suspect chats up the homeowner, another roams around inside and bags the loot, sources said.


Joe said...

The Scottish "Traveler" clans are also working the area.
This out of state group drives classic pickups with the camper caps.
They prey on old people for chimney sweep, driveway, and home repair scams.

The typical line is (doorbell ring):

"We have some materials left over from a job we can pave your driveway for $200"

"$39.99 to clean your chimney --OOPs you need new chimney cap, spark arrester, liner, have dead birds and pieces of broken concrete liner fell down the chimney followed by concerns about carbon monoxide poisoning.
They often claim that it's really lucky you caught the leak now, since it could be fatal--$450"

A local contractor caught 2 of these characters working his 92 year old mom in Mattituck.

Anonymous said...

"Damentro" "George" sounds like Romani clan travelers. These must be dozens more around working the area.

Anonymous said...

Psst...........check Ridgewood.

Anonymous said...

The look like developers or community board members from Astoria.

Anonymous said...

Psst...........check Ridgewood.



The wall came down and somehow all found their way to Ridgewood.

Anonymous said...

I remember down the block from CB5 on Myrtle Avenue, there indeed are a few Romani families, but let's not profile, ok?

Anonymous said...

"I remember down the block from CB5 on Myrtle Avenue, there indeed are a few Romani families, but let's not profile, ok?"

Typical liberal that romanticizes this scum by calling them "Romani" and not gypsies. They are trash in Europe and they are trash over here.

Anonymous said...

The guy on the left looks like the delivery man for Fame Diner in Maspeth?