Monday, February 8, 2010

Addisleigh Park to be Queens' next historic district

From Historic Districts Council Newsstand:

We just received word that the Landmarks Preservation Commission is planning to calendar a historic district in the Addisleigh Park neighborhood on Tuesday. This suburban neighborhood in Southeastern Queens was home to numerous major African-Americans figures such as James Brown, Roy Campanella, W.E.B. DuBois, Count Basie, Lena Horne, Jackie Robinson and Ella Fitzgerald (to name just a few). In 2007, HDC partnered with the Addisleigh Park Civic Organization and obtained funding from the Preservation League of New York State and the National Trust for Historic Preservation to produce a survey and history of the area and its significant residents. Once completed, we submitted all the material to the LPC, who held a community meeting last October to announce their interest in moving forward with designation. We’re thrilled and very thankful that the LPC is taking this important step to protect this remarkable area – which, if designated, will be the 8th historic district in Queens (and the first in Southeastern Queens).


Anonymous said...

This is great news. Finally!

Anonymous said...

And the Broadway/Flushing proposed historic district is apparently on LPC's back burner on a very low flame...despite the fact that this worthy neighborhood has earned recognition to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places!

LPC's bumbling Bob Tierney is just following Herr Bloomberg's orders...waiting for enough tear downs to occur so that Mary Beth Betts will finally be able to say, "Broadway/Flushing doesn't meet our criteria".

H-m-m-m...haven't about two years passed since an RFE was put into the LPC to designate Broadway/Flushing?

Better start pulling your pol's short hairs BFHA or soon lose your nabe!

Maybe some of the olde tymers let the helm of their organization slip a touch in their hands.

Action was needed 7 years ago.
Now gird your loins and prepare for battle before it's too late!

Sergey Kadinsky said...

Addisleigh had more celebrity residents than Flushing/Broadway.

It's unfortunate how the LPC considers celebrity to be a factor in determining landmark status.

history buff said...

"Sergey"...Broadway/Flushing's qualifications for historic district status are based upon its architectural merits.

No need for celebrity hype.

But you'd be surprised who called Broadway their home.

James Stewart...not the actor...but one of Louis Comfort Tiffany's chief gaffers (glass blowers) in Tiffany Studios.

Some research needs to be done on other notables.

I suspect that Enoch Boles (Bowles) painter of "Film Fun" magazine cover pin up girls in the 1930s (preceded "Vargas," ladies).

I'm glad that Addisleigh Park is being designated however...famous people and some great houses.

Jack R said...

To History Buff...I'm really curious about your comment on Enoch Bolles (misspelled as Boles in a Zippo ad). I knew his daughter and for many years he lived in New Jersey after he moved from New York. I'm writing a book about Bolles and would love to hear what you have learned about him.