Sunday, January 2, 2011

John Liu for president?

From the Wall Street Journal:

City Comptroller John Liu, who emigrated from Taiwan at age 5 and this year became the first Asian-American to hold citywide elected office, admits to some very lofty ambitions: Beyond merely wanting to become mayor, he'd aspire to the White House if the Constitution allowed.

"I would very much like to be the president of the United States and the leader of the free world," the 43-year-old former City Council member said during an interview in his fifth-floor Municipal Building office, where mice occasionally are seen scurrying.

"I'd like to do anything that allows me to have the maximum impact possible—impact in terms of making changes that I feel are necessary, and there are lots of changes I feel are necessary in the world, certainly in this country and certainly in this city," Mr. Liu said. "So, I will always look to see what I can do."

Mr. Liu, completing on Friday his first year in office as the city's chief financial officer, knows full well that becoming president—while not impossible, he points out—would be very difficult because the Constitution prohibits the foreign-born from serving as commander in chief.

Not that being mayor of New York is anything to sniff at. Mr. Liu calls it "the second most important job in this country."

"Don't tell Andrew that," he added with a smirk, referring to New York's incoming governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Naked ambition—a blessing or a curse, depending on the observer and the situation—has dominated every aspect of Mr. Liu's near decade in New York public life.


Anonymous said...

Liu is one of the scurrying mice the story begins with.

The first problem Liu has is telling the truth. He is a lying dog. There are plenty of other problems including his political philosophy.

He'll never tell Americans what he really wants for the US and the world because he'd be chased out of this country by people with pitchforks and torches.

That the citizens of the City voted him to be in charge of their money is a disgrace to them.

Anonymous said...

be cautious,he will have your social security payment decreased by his comrades in the Flu shing office .

save your W-2 "s

Flushing 2050=Hong Kong 1850 said...

Every time I see him in the background with a vacant unfocused smile and the low voltage local talent around him, I think of 19th century pictures of China with a British 'advisor' in the center of picture surrounded by out of touch Manchu officials who just gave yet another concession of sovereignty to the West.

Flushing will be the 'Hong Kong colony' of the United States with extraterritorial rights given to foreign nationals from the People's Republic and other Orientals (as the Brits and other Occidentals used to have in H.K.) in exchange for an unfettered supply of cash, the opium of America.

Another reason to thank the Queens Democratic Machine, who, like their mandarin colleagues of a century and a half ago, live in a smug, self-satisfied world with no real responsibility to the people they serve, and will wake up one day to absolute irrelevance.

Anonymous said...


Another lying political cur (Tommy Huang's cousin) hawking the idea that he's gonna "change" things.

Yeah, right, and for who...his own personal benefit?

What an ego...backed by overseas illegal Taiwanese money...some of which probably goes to the Staviskys, Ackerman and the rest of the Democratic pen of sucklings.

I'm sure that Manes got his share before he got too greedy and was murdered (?) perhaps by foreign nationals ???

Lying Liu might begin this new year by changing his diet.

Too many won tons crammed into his "kisser" have puffed out Johnny boy's cheeks so that he's beginning to resemble an old Oriental balding Chipmunk!

LOL...soon he'll be looking like Hawaii Five O's...Wo Fat in the flesh!

What's his convicted criminal bank embezzler daddy Joe doing these days?

nyc sleuth said...

Here we go again,now it's the NY TIMES attacking Liu.

I guess what they say is true.Once you get somewhere in life there will always be people waiting to try to tear you down...

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget this gem:

Anonymous said...

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked or seen his Naturalization papers?

Anonymous said...

That's just what this country needs. A guy whose first and last name refer to a bathroom. And ironically he's from Flushing! Let's not forget that Flushing went down the toilet when he was its councilman.

Gary the Agnostic said...

One would imagine that Canada's population would experience a significant increase after that.

Anonymous said...

Take care, the subject will ensure your retirement funds are diminished by his acquaintances in the north Queens workplace.

Retain your proof of wages earned and taxes remitted.

Anonymous said...

When you consider that an abject moron like Sarah Palin was/is consider Presidential material by millions of Americans, at least John Liu has the -potential- to be competent.

No chance he'll be elected by flyover country.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to change a thing, I just want to piss off the politicians that have been robing us blind.

Vote ME for office and I will be a thorn in the side of every crook/elected official out there. Yes there are several that are honest. Knowing that I and others like me will be there to burn them, maybe, just maybe they will not become part of the establishment, and cave to the greed. Just maybe.

Question becomes; Who is this ME I speak of? Are there others out there like ME?

Kind of like that commercial for "The most interesting man in the world" Does he truly exist?

Find that ME , you can be that me, even if you don't run for office, you can vote the corruption out. "See beyond the sound bites, and the Hollywood smiles. Look at the substance and achievements of those who represent us". - A.C

I am a ME, and I will be out there questioning, looking beyond, asking for evidence. I will VOTE, and will hold "THEM" accountable.

VOTE for ME.

Anonymous said...

liu was not born in the United States.he is eliminated from the presidency. Obama's birth records still are being questioned .

Sarah(momma grizzley) Palin was born in the U.S. and is a legal candidate for the office . with her basketball skills( H.S.Alaska state champs) and dead eye, bullseye rifle skills, she could be another Teddy Roosevelt(boxer,cowboy,and pro-military & protector of the U.S.)
she travels with no security, on the same planes as the citizens, and waits for her luggage at the carousel, like you and me.

she also is an expert on gas and oil resources in Alaska. see :interview with Maria Bartiliroma on tv ,before being nominated for VP candidate of repub/conservative ticket.

see her and family, sun. /tonight on cable tlc 139 at 7pm to 9pm.

i just paid $3.49 for a gallon of plus grade gasoline.
and obama still has cut our oil rigs from pumping in the gulf of mexico??????

we should be receiving the oil from Alaska. why are we being held hostage by the environmentalist whackos ?????

Anonymous said...

"When you consider that an abject moron like Sarah Palin was/is consider Presidential material by millions of Americans, at least John Liu has the -potential- to be competent. No chance he'll be elected by flyover country."

cough - Troll - cough - asshole - cough - comment about flyover country - cough elitist pig mother f'er who voted for Bloomberg three times!

cherokeesista said...

If that piece of GARBAGE ever got into The White House it's time to BURN AMERICA TO THE GROUND!!!! Lui forget it it's not nor will it ever happen !!!!

Anonymous said...

cough - Troll - cough - asshole - cough - comment about flyover country - cough elitist pig mother f'er who voted for Bloomberg three times!"

IS all the coughing due to your smoking of the "legal product" the tobacco industry has poisoned you with?....and NO Bloombag is republican..I have never voted for him, although we stand in the same line.

Anonymous said...

"Obama's birth records still are being questioned "

Only by senile fools and crackpot who still look under their beds for "commies".

No, That idiot from Alaska won't ever be president, she wouldn't even carry her own state!

informant said...


And Lying Liu claims to have worked in a sweat shop in LIC when he was just a boy. Poor little pussy!

His parents probably owned it.

They were quite a privileged family and were rolling in money in Taiwan before they emigrated to the U.S.

By the way...were is all that loot his daddy Joseph Liu stole from the great Eastern Bank...h-m-m-m-m ?

Nicely dispersed in the proper political circles we suppose.

Anonymous said...

No, That idiot from Alaska won't ever be president, she wouldn't even carry her own state!

What does Palin have to do with Liu? Other than the fact that she is ELIGIBLE to be president and Liu is not. You are a troll.

Anonymous said...

one does not have to look under a bed for a "commie".
all one has to do is read your "master of deceit" rhetoric on this site. demonize ,demonize is your agenda ,but it does not seem to be working.

62 U.S. liberal/progressive representatives have been dismissed by the voters in 2010. the chickens have come home to roost....

ride your bike on that on the U.E.S., mr stalin lover....have you gone undercover?? or just too embarrassed by your leftwing defeat in America?

Anonymous said...

liu was not born in the United States.he is eliminated from the presidency. Obama's birth records still are being questioned .

Stop watching Fox News. You're brain is melting...

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 21 --

You accuse people of treason for expressing a dissenting opinion. You rewrite history to suit your purposes. You endlessly repeat the same cliches over and over.

You're the only Stalinist here.

Anonymous said...

"62 U.S. liberal/progressive representatives have been dismissed by the voters in 2010..."

Ol' fool, the repoblicans were gored in both '06 and '08. How do spin that?

You are so heavily brainwashed by con-servative rhetoric that you'll desperately cherry pick facts and ignore the larger realities.

Here, I'll help you, Americans voters are scared. Scares of losing their jobs due to a recession brought on by boundless greed and a financial system that was deliberately held sacrosanct from proper a republican Congress.

Many, like you are deceived by propaganda like "Fox News" and since the majority of voters in this last election were old, it's likely that AM talk radio had a significant effect.

Your group will be gone soon and I am sorry to say this, but our Nation will be better for it.

The least you could have done is pay attention and seek the facts. Not leave us a mess.

Anonymous said...

my grown young men and women in my family will be here to watch over our Constitution in the future. they have experienced the corruption of the liberal/progressive failed ideology in the U.S.

just a warning to you traitors.....REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER 2012.......obamacare sucks and we all know it for the fraud that you supported in 2008.

Anonymous said...


By the time Liu runs for president...America will be annexed by China and will have abolished that office!

Now "Chairman Liu" sounds good to me!

Wadda ya think?

Anonymous said...

That last comment sounds like "yellow jounalism"!

Anonymous said...

Better watch out're on a slippery "slope".

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 25 --

How many times have you called someone a traitot for expressing an opinion in the last few weeks? I've lost count.

As noted before, you wouldn't know the meaning of the word if you had a dictionary open in front of you.

The Tea Party is closer to burning out than succeeding as long as they give us candidates like Christine O'Donnell and Joe Miller (hey -good going there, Sarah).

Tea Party philosophy eating away at the Republicans - it's a sickness.

linda said...

LMFAO....he's not born here! he cannot run... story ended..

Anonymous said...

it is never the end for the liberal/democrat/progressives.
a columnist wrote that J.Liu issued the most press releases of any n.y.c. politician.

although he is not ever going to be president,he can do plenty of damage locally.

he was supported by the S.E.I.U. union (Andy Stern) and the Working Families Party. both left wing headed groups. A.Stern is an advisor to Obama presently.
he will always be seen in the photo ops. with a.sharpton,c.rangel and minority groups that are left wing.
he has control of the n.y.c. pension purse strings. WATCH HIM.....

Anonymous said...

No it isn't the end. And it won't be as long as there are people out there like you.

Anonymous said...


Which won't be that much longer.

Healthy skepticism is one thing --fanatical, self defeating hatred is another.

Not all of the older generation suffer from this..but a lot have been brainwashed by years of right wing propaganda and have grown to hate the very people and institutions that have their interests in mind.

For -any- working class person to back massive tax breaks for the rich, to oppose minimum wage, socialized medical care, environmental conservation, workplace safety and equal justice for bizarre.