Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Spitzer comeback on deck?

From NY1:

Nearly two years after a scandal brought him down, former Governor Eliot Spitzer is considering another run for public office.

NY1 has learned that in recent days, Spitzer has discussed with at least one Democratic fundraiser about a return to public office, including running for state comptroller or again for state attorney general.

However, a source close to Spitzer denied these allegations.

The New York Post reported today that Spitzer is seriously eyeing a run for state comptroller, a position currently held by Thomas DiNapoli.

Spitzer has previously strongly denied he would run for office again.

Some New Yorkers told NY1 they think it’s a bad idea for Spitzer to return to politics.


Taxpayer said...

"Spitzer has previously strongly denied he would run for office again.

Some New Yorkers told NY1 they think it’s a bad idea for Spitzer to return to politics."

- - -

But he's been on TV recently. And mentioned more and more often on TV.

And, face it. TV is the great rehab for today's society.

And the more he appears, the more he lies, the more he insults his wife and family, the more NYers will beg that he return to power!

Kill, poison, bomb, lie (be an Obama liar), do anything and then get on TV? All you did MUST be considered good because you got on TV.

Too many examples of how this is correct.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome to short attention span theater.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Is this a great country or what?

Anonymous said...

We need him back.
His bedroom did not affect his performance in Albany. You all are morons.

Anonymous said...

Why? What did he do while governor to help this state?

Anonymous said...

All politicians cheat. I'm over it since the 2nd grade when I learned that Jefferson was boning one of his slaves. I'd vote for Spitzer def

Anonymous said...

He should come back especially as a candidate of his party the Democrats.

Give me a break, is there no end to seeing this Ass-h*le annoy and waste our time? Send this rich kid, son of a slum lord property owner back to the family buisness and destroy and annoy those folks in Daddy's firm.

Anonymous said...

spitzer,s immorality should disqualify him from public service and trust. but his democratic party zealots will again reinstate him,with the aid of the "state owned media" .

the proof of Jefferson's sexual connection to a female slave, is still being one is living from the era,no tapes,no photos. were you there ? how can you be so sure that you are not repeating gossip and disinformation ? many constitution haters try to demonize our forefathers. do not fall for the constant attempt to hoax Americans .

Anonymous said...

They did DNA testing on their descendants and found a connection.

Liman said...

Spitzer is a sanctimonious arrogant schmuck. Wealthy beyond having to care what we think. He has no shame. He thinks us working stiffs should be happy to have an aristocrat like him run our lives.

In his world, he should be the arbiter of what's right and wrong. They say he has no friends - it's not for no reason. No one trusts him. He's a fascist in the true sense of the word.

And Anonymous... what does ZOG mean?

Anonymous said...

There is nerve, chutzpah and now we have spitzer. Yeah I made him into a noun because that is what he has become. If he does run and the people of this state are foolish enough to elect him I would say they are getting what they deserve. He took an oath to uphold the constitution of this state and its laws and promptly broke that oath. We do not need his like and his outsized ego again.

Look It Up said...

Liman said...
And Anonymous... what does ZOG mean?

Ever hear of Google? Wikipedia? Lazy much?

PizzaBagel said...

What? He figures that now he looks like a choirboy in light of the Tiger Woods revelations? Will that be his rationale for reentry into the political arena?

Anonymous said...

Jefferson cheated, FDR cheated.. his wife did too, JFK cheated, Tiger Woods cheated (he'll be back), Kobe cheated (hes still loved like nothing happened), Clinton cheated... all people in public eye cheat.. it should be accepted by now.

Spitzer did his job well. What he messes up in his private life doesn't effect me as long as he does his job.

I don't know where this notion came about that politicians and athletes are supposed to be role models.. they're not! Athletes get paid to play sports.. Politicians are elected to run the country. That's it. Stop minding their personal business.

Anonymous said...

the 1998 DNA study could not conclusively prove that thomas jefferson was the father of slave sally heming's children.
three studies released in 2000 and 2001 state their
opinions on the DNA results. all three are different.


true or false,we will never really know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Put aside prostitutes and cheating. He's the one who left us in this mess. And we want him back????

Anonymous said...

Spitzer did his job well. What he messes up in his private life doesn't effect me as long as he does his job.

No he didn't. he lost more cases than he won, but why would anyone remember that?

And it's not the cheating, it's the criminal activity.