Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brooklyn Community Board has had enough

From Courier-Life:

[Brooklyn] Community Board 6 this week unanimously approved a policy it hopes will protect the district from the perils of unscrupulous contractors.

Under the policy, all new construction, substantial renovations or additions totalling 10,000 square feet that come before the board for review would be subject to a series of actions called the “large project review process,” which asks applicants for as much information as possible about a project, and requests that a commitment is made to follow responsible development standards.

The standards include a range of items, including a “history and commitment to complying with applicable public laws,” maintaining safe work sites, and having a verifiable and established track record.

“Too often, our community has seen developers, contractors and subcontractors who violate the health, safety, buildings, noise, and workplace laws and standards of New York City, jeopardize the health and lives of their workers, and permit dangerous and severe nuisances for adjacent property owners,” the board states as a rationale for the policy.

The board has tweaked and re-tweaked is responsible development policy for months, and finally approved the measure at its Dec. 9 meeting.


Anonymous said...

Are you listening CB7? Is that Gene and Chuckie covering their ears?

Anonymous said...

"Queens Community Board Can't Get Enough"

CB1 the community board from hell

PizzaBagel said...

Wow! They have big cohones! What neighborhoods comprise this CB?

But just wait until the Kommissar gets wind of this. He will not be amused, to paraphrase Queen Vic. Heads will roll for sure.

Anonymous said...

Just confiscate Apelian's and Kelty's rubber stamps and you'll see an end to the rapid approval of plans by shady developers!

Anonymous said...

It seems that each time CB#7 brass approves an Asian developer's building project somebody gets a free trip to Taiwan...or a bunch of free dinners!

Up Chuck said...

I got the Flushing Armenian Home a variance.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the entire document, which is available at the Brooklyn Community Board 6 website:

Anonymous said...

I'm just a humble jewelry designer from NY who is trying to get used to all this stuff!