Sunday, September 13, 2009

Watch the public advocate debate

From NY1:

Watch the 2009 Democratic Public Advocate debate between Mark Green, Bill de Blasio, Eric Gioia, and Norman Siegel, held September 9th in Manhattan. [1 hour]

On August 28th, the candidates debated on ABC. You can watch that debate here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Anonymous said...

Siegel is a massive lib that will fight hard,if it fits his agenda.The diblasio/clinton relationship ? Goia,just lookin' for a job.I'm hoping green has mellowed and can use his experience to get something done.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. If you fight for the people you are called a name lib, socialist, communist, etc.

Poster one if I were to call names guess what you would get "fasist".

I will vote for Norman Siegal no matter what name (which you probably haven't the slightist idea what they mean) call me.

Anonymous said...

I see, libs aren't into namec alling.So instead of directly doing so,you do it indirectly and that makes it ok in your twisted mind.He only fights for those of like mind .He has his lib agenda and so do you.If i'm not mistaken,he came in dead last in the previous election.

Anonymous said...

My terrible agenda?

Caring about injustices done to all people not just me. Just an old fashioned American who would help put your barn back up after it burned down,