Sunday, September 13, 2009

Term limits factoring into voters' decisions

From the NY Times:

Suzanne W. Stout, a playwright who lives in the West Village, has supported the City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, for more than 10 years, holding one of Ms. Quinn’s earliest fund-raising parties in her apartment and contributing to each of her campaigns.

But this election, Ms. Stout gave nothing. On Monday, as she and her husband prepared to go to a Yankees game, she said: “We love Christine Quinn. But I was very upset about the term limits decision,” referring to last year’s successful push by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the City Council to loosen the city’s term limits law, which paved the way for the mayor’s bid for a third term.

Now, Ms. Stout said, her vote is up for grabs and could go to one of the council speaker’s two rivals in the primary next week.

It is not clear whether term limits will play a key role in the mayor’s race. But in lower ticket races, voters’ lingering anger over the move to revise the law last October is bringing energy and attention to challengers taking on City Council incumbents.

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Anonymous said...

I see the are endorsing claxton in the 31st.Useless as a cop,always played the race oppurtunist.Ask him about all the dv victims he hit on as a cop.............typical.

Anonymous said...

If you are offended by the hypocrisy of Jim Gennaro's hypocrisy in running for a third term, write in a candidate. Don't let Gennaro win unopposed!

Anonymous said...

When someone knocked on my door w/a Gennaro petition, I refused to sign. When asked why, I said because he's running for a third term. The guy said, "but he opposed dropping term limits". I responded that if he opposed them, he shouldn't be running for the third term.