Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two-Ton Tony's office broken into

From the NY Post:

Crooked ex-Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio was a crime victim yesterday -- not a perpetrator -- when thieves stole all the business equipment from his shuttered Queens office, cops said.

An administrative assistant for the state Assembly uncovered the break-in at 10 a.m., when he showed up at Seminerio's government-owned office on Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill to inspect the place.

The assistant, who had gone to the storefront office to get it ready for Seminerio's future replacement, found it ransacked and the back door kicked in.

Police said that a copy machine, a printing machine, an air conditioner, two computer routers and an air purifier had been stolen.


Gary the Agnostic said...

Any papers missing?

Anonymous said...

All the items you need in prison.
Maybe their making more room for
Tiny Mike Miller.

Anonymous said...

Why worry, Tony? Mike Miller is being put there to cover up all the crimes.

Anonymous said...

back door kicked in? some door.
great security... was the computer hard drive taken? any laptops gone?

Anonymous said...

why didn't the feds secure this place?