Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shocking news: Asians voted for Liu

From the NY Times:

Asian-American voters overwhelmingly supported Asian-American candidates in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, according to a multilingual exit poll conducted by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund in five City Council districts with large Asian-American populations.

The primary had proved somewhat of a watershed moment in municipal politics, with three Asian-Americans winning City Council primaries and John C. Liu, the first Asian-American councilman, placing first in the race for comptroller. Mr. Liu, who got 38 percent of the vote, will face David Yassky, a Brooklyn councilman, in a runoff on Sept. 29.

The poll, which interviewed 790 Asian-American voters, found that 84 percent of them supported Mr. Liu, though it varied substantially between ethnic groups. Mr. Liu earned the votes of 95 percent of the Chinese-Americans polled, 73 percent of the Korean-Americans polled, and 53 percent of South Asian-Americans polled.

I guess being closed-minded is only bad when Archie does it.


Anonymous said...

What other candidate made an effort and reached out to Asian voters?

It is only closed-minded when Archie chooses to ignore Asian voters and their interests.

The votes aren't surprising, I doubt anyone else would vote for a candidate who didn't represent their interest, much less tried to reach out to their community.

Anonymous said...

I guess this proves that it doesn't matter if you're a liar and a cheat. Asians will vote for an Asian. Blood is thicker than water. Nothing new about that.

In a secret society, with the help of the Asian press, anything is possible when the appropriate propaganda is spread. It seems that Liu has several political platforms. One for Asians, one for Latinos, one for blacks, one for jews and one for the rest.

This man is dangerous.

Queens Crapper said...

"What other candidate made an effort and reached out to Asian voters? It is only closed-minded when Archie chooses to ignore Asian voters and their interests."

What interests do Asians have with respect to the job of controller that are different from everyone else's?

Anonymous said...

Pointless post.

Anonymous said...

Pointless post? Hey, it was the NY Times who decided to highlight the fact! Why are they so interested in race?

Anonymous said...

"What interests do Asians have with respect to the job of controller that are different from everyone else's?"

The Stimulus monies from Washington. The non-Asians will never know what has been promised in the Asian Press to the secret society. The Tongs see a "golden" opportunity to get some of the money, especially with their man in office.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the powerful Brooklyn machine gears up against Liu-ie "the liar" in the upcoming runoff!

Maybe they have some last minute bombs to drop on the John Liu/Tommy Huang propaganda factory that's been spewing their polluting lies like columns of acrid black smoke.

Anonymous said...

If Liu winds up winning the upcoming runoff he'll be under much tighter scrutiny as comptroller than he ever was as a mere clubhouse finger puppet councilman.

New York City will survive.

Liu, at least, is qualified a bean counter (Price Waterhouse Coopers' financial actuary number's ninnie)) an anal obsessive minutia minder.

Thompson couldn't count on his own fingers and toes to add up 2+2 .

Anonymous said...

Flushing is the most racist and segregated neighborhood in New York City. I was born and raised here (22 years) I remember there was no real dominate group and everyone used to get alone. Can't say the same anymore.

Anonymous said...

If Liu winds up winning the upcoming runoff he'll be under much tighter scrutiny as comptroller than he ever was as a mere clubhouse finger puppet councilman.



Gerrymandering by Race is Unamerican said...

If districts were drawn so that favored groups only got elected people would howl.

They tried that in south a few decades ago and it was found to be illegal.

This is America - a place that people are elected to serve and race, creed, or color should not be a factor.

Those words were used to break white male control of housing/clubs/business et al, they should be used in the other direction.

The Balkanisation of NYC for ease of machine control (think the Hasidic enclaves) is illegal both de facto and de jure.

Someone shuold take up the torch to stop this.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary

Pointless post: words that do not encourage tweeding.

Anonymous said...

Putting Liu in charge of NYC finances?

If the persistant rumors of family connections (to say nothing of the record of his father in finance) is to believed, then its like appointing someone from Peking as the head of our Treasury.

He should come clean on those rumors. Today

Missing Foundation said...

Good heavens, all that hot money pouring in from rat holes in the Far East will do wonders for continuing to make Queens the Third World Slum of stucco crap.

Fill the buildings with Sanctuary City illegals (begging to work for peanuts), subsidized by tax legal tax evasion (called Tax Breaks) and government stimulus money for infrastructure, and you know what we will have?

A solid Democratic voting block as far as the eye can see. An endless vista of Tweeder programs and honest graft so that (for example) when Gioias little tyke inherits daddy's job (wherever the party bosses place him) she will be set for life.

And isnt that the point?

Anonymous said...

a privileged son that, according to some accounts, grew up in a big house in Taiwan complete with servants attending the family moves to America where he suddenly becomes a poor little boy working in a garment factory sweat shop alongside his mother to help make ends meet!

Where does the truth lie?

Certainly not with the liar's tall tale that even his parents refuse to corroborate!

It's amazing how the political spin doctors can turn around Liu's life story just in time for the NYC comptroller's race!

Then, of course, his father Joseph Liu, was convicted of federal bank fraud (Great Eastern Bank).

So having a liar and a thief
in the same family completes the father & son portion of the story so far.

Not a bad resume for one who might be holding the purse strings of our great metropolis.

Oh we forgot about that "Seven Giants" realty firm that keeps on popping up in the Liu lineage.

Did mom & pop own the building (through "Seven Giants") that little Johnny was supposed to have slaved in at the age of 5?

"HERE COMES JOHNNY"..our new shining
NYC comptroller unless Yassky whips his ass into the ground in a rematch!

Speaking of voters better get yours out for the runoff election otherwise start learning to speak Mandarin!

Are those free lessons still being given at the Bland Houses C.M Liu?

Anonymous said...

Asians vote Asian.. or else there'd be no John Liu or Yen Chou or Kevin Kim.. they can't give a f*ck about anyone else.. they get the Asain vote.. get in.. and proceed to help only the asians. Call me ignorant but its the godamn truth

If your white or black.. vote white or black.. these Asians can't give two shits about you. Hate it or love it, its the truth. Welcome to America in 2009

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

I am Aryan but I vill admit zat John Liu is ze best candidate zat money can buy!

Anonymous said...

I thought only white people could be racist?

Anonymous said...

We know Asians voted for Liu

It is the money and what he does with our money that worries me. He get must of his millions overseas and launders it through people who live in NY. I worry that his father is a bank robber. I worry that he will move NY pension funds to Asian investory like his friend Norman Hsu pleaded guilty to stealing money. Liu has yet to return Hsu money

Where is the media in covering this story?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look at every hateful and racist post above and you will understand why Asians will vote for Asians.

Again I ask, what candidate reached out to the Asian community?

Liu did, and that is why he got the votes...for better or for worst.

You want votes? You're going to have to make an effort to reach out to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Lu-Lu

georgetheatheist said...

But Liu has sympathy for the African-American citizenry. Why he even pals around with Al Sharpton. I'm sure they go fishing together.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Al "Sharpie" and Liu-ie "the liar"...what a perfect match.

In the meantime Asians are known for their African American prejudices.

Anonymous said...

There's that thumb again! I wish he'd stick it up his ass or hitch a ride back to Taiwan with it. He's a liar, a cheat, he's the son of a bank robber and he's an asshole.

Vote for Yassky like your lives depended on it.

Anonymous said...

john c.liu is a member of the n.y.c. city council minority caucus( african-american,hispanic and asian ). the asian students score at a equal or higher rate to the caucasians in education.the asian politicians(left-wing) appear to see a larger vote if they continue to pursue the minority label.

according to liu did not return
all of the $22,950.00 that he received from norman hsu's tainted straw campaign donations.

not all asians support liu. the Falon Gong supporter s(anti-chicommunists) in july/2008 , called for the recall from their elected posts of liu and nys assemblywoman ellen young. they would not condemn the attacks by chicoms on the Falon Gong in flushing,n.y. see:bayside times ledger,7/10/08

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Asians didn't vote for Liu because he's Asian; most of them worked in sweat shops "just like Liu"

Anonymous said...

The fact that Isaac Sasson won second in the Flushing city council race proves that you don't have to be Asian to win in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

move out of flushing just leave haha those damn asians driving the property values...wait.....those damn asians and the rampant crime .....wait.....they eat live animals !! those bastards they eat live animals

i wonder if bloomberg gets the jewish vote ....

Anonymous said...

"move out of flushing just leave haha those damn asians driving the property values...wait.....those damn asians and the rampant crime ....."

Overdevelopment and paving over your front lawn does drive property values down. Crime is up in Flushing and then there is the underground crime syndicate which is flourishing. And yes, they eat live animals!

Anonymous said...

o ya man is a border line slum in flushing now....fuck brownsville you want cheap housing you go to flushing

and dont give me that bullshit about crime in flushing violent crime is virtually non exsistent the biggest crime is citi field in our backuyard

The median home cost in Flushing (zip 11355) is $471,090. Home appreciation the last year has been -11.70 percent.

Compared to the rest of the country, Flushing (zip 11355)'s cost of living is 67.61% Higher than the U.S. average.

Flushing (zip 11355) public schools spend $7,519 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $6,058. There are about 19 students per teacher in Flushing (zip 11355).

The unemployment rate in Flushing (zip 11355) is 7.60 percent(U.S. avg. is 8.50%). Recent job growth is Negative. Flushing (zip 11355) jobs have Decreased by 0.20 percent.

Anonymous said...

In Flushing people live 10 to a room, so their rent is cheap.

Also, using cost of living and school expenditure is stupid because the same can be said for every neighborhood in the city.