Saturday, September 12, 2009

Queens Borough President Democratic primary candidates

Marc Leavitt

Helen Marshall

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Anonymous said... his campaign manager gets arrested for assaulting an old man who supports Marshall and Leavitt leaves him in charge. If his judgment is that off well...nuff said.

georgetheatheist said...

Have you all seen Marshall's photo in her campaign ad? (e.g. the back cover of the current Tribune)
They really photo-shopped her wrinkles and chicken neck.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed Helen Marshall managed to stay awake.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't care about his campaign manager.

I care about Helen Marshall throwing millions of dollars of our money down the drain by building an unnecessary wedding atrium at borough hall and an amphitheater no one wants in a cemetery.

Anonymous said...


Taxpayer said...

Hold your nose and vote for Leavitt.

No third term for anybody!

And, anyway, Marshall is just an old, decrepit crook.

For that, and a belief in no third term, dump her.

Anonymous said...

Please dump Marshal at any cost.

If she's not falling asleep at the wheel...she's dumb as a post...24-7!

A perfect potato...always eager to follow the orders of developers!

The Manes/Shulman mold hasn't been broken yet.

Be sure you voters shatter it for good!

Anonymous said...

"George" is great but it can't gloss over her (yet to be discovered) corruption.

Somewhere in her closet hangs her secret likeness like the picture of Dorian Gray!

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall is pro-eminent domain, did nothing about Queens Alliance, hired Karen 'Klown from IT' Koslowitz, and supported Bloomberg's term limits extensions.

Anonymous said...

Vote for else will katz get a job when she loses the comptroller race?

Anonymous said...

I support Robert Schwartz. He has never been elected to office but he has a good business background in the Milk industry. Marc Leavitt pretends to be a reformer but he took us to court to try and get us off the ballot. He lost and should lose again. He should try to win in the voting booth not in court.

Anonymous said...

NO THIRD TERM! Vote Marshall OUT!!

Maspeth born and raised said...

I hope Helen Marshall wins because I hear she is working on a plan with Liz Crowley to convert the former St. Saviour site into a park like the people have been asking for a long time. Then the church rebuilding which she already funded can happen where it belongs. I also hope Tony Nunziato gets elected to the position he is running for because he said he believes in the same thing.

Anonymous said...

i will vote for Marshall because she is the best of the three running. Simply saying no third term and electing second or third best is simply stupid.

Anonymous said...

From the Queens Times: The campaign manager for would-be Borough President Marc Leavitt was arrested on assault charges last week after he allegedly pushed a 69-year-old to the ground, breaking his arm, the Queens district attorney’s office said.
Dan Jacoby was arraigned on assault and harassment charges Sept. 3 after allegedly engaging in a political feud with Benedict Wall near the corner of Justice Boulevard and Broadway in Elmhurst while stumping for Leavitt, authorities said. According to a criminal complaint, Jacoby allegedly shoved Wall to the ground amid their dispute causing him to suffer a broken right arm.
The incident, first reported by the Daily News’ Lisa Colangelo, led to Jacoby briefly being jailed before he was released on his own recognizance at arraignment, the DA said. Jacoby, a 47-year-old political consultant and retired actor, is due back in court on Oct. 15.
Leavitt is running against two-term incumbent Helen Marshall for the Queens borough president’s office.

Anonymous said...

"i will vote for Marshall because she is the best of the three running. Simply saying no third term and electing second or third best is simply stupid."

Helen Marshall is dumber than dog shit. The best of the three running? How so? Simply because she's been there for 8 years?

She is way past her prime. The only people rooting for her are the ones who get money funneled to them for lame projects through Teri Osbourne.

Marc Friedlander said...

Marc Leavitt showed his stuff when he helped my family as our eldercare attorney, when my parents became sick and elderly. He did a remarkable job, with his knowledge and advice. I'm voting for him and encouraging others to do the same.