Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fresh Meadows man commits suicide by explosion

From the Daily News:

A Queens man committed suicide by explosion on Monday - likely setting off a blast in his home to kill himself, law enforcement sources said.

Gyung Lee, 54, died instantly when the blast shattered the rear bedroom of his family's Fresh Meadows home, sending plumes of yellow smoke dozens of feet in the air, shaken witnesses said.

A propane tank was discovered near the corpse, and investigators believe Lee filled the room with gas and then lit a match, the sources said.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a clever way to go. What a send off.

Anonymous said...

This shows the vengeful nature of many suicides. By the way, he stole the idea from the doctor who used gas lines to blow up his apartment in the Upper East side.

Anonymous said...

In the immortasl words of Madame Rose (GYPSY): "Give 'em a good strong finish and they'll forgive you for anthing!" .....Out with a bang!!!!

G said...

Another death caused by propane and propane accessories.

Anonymous said...

It is ludicrous, but spare a moment of sympathy for the man's family who have been put through a horrific ordeal and rendered homeless at one shot.

I once had to enter a room where a man had shot his brains out with his aging mother in the next room and select the clothing he would be waked in.

I was very fortunate to have poor eyesight and I took my glasses off so I would not see the blood on the walls.

His mother, brother and the friends he called in the midst of his suicide were all good people and will be haunted until the day they die--all accept for his mother who died of a broken heart before the year was out.