Thursday, September 17, 2009

NYPD gives up harassment of legal gun owner

From the Daily News:

A Brooklyn Revolutionary War buff can keep his antique rifle and his good name.

Turns out it was legal all along - just as 50-year-old Michael Littlejohn told cops who knocked on his Sheepshead Bay door to tell him he needed a permit.

City law is on his side. Antique firearms, defined as rifles that require the bullet and gunpowder to be loaded separately, are exempt, said his lawyer Jerold Levine.

He said he's been told his client is off the hook.

"He does not need a permit for that weapon," a police spokesman confirmed.


georgetheatheist said...

And know your rights as to what weapon YOU can own:

Do it now.

Taxpayer said...

Why did it take until now for the Commissar's NYPD to end the harassment?

The NYPD and the Commissar never heard of the Second Amendment?

The Commissar and his NYPD have no law clerks to take ten minutes to look up the Antiques Firearms law which they were directed to within moments of the original attack on this taxpaying citizen?

Why would anyone ever vote for the Commissar who will break any law to get what he wants for his own personal purposes - seizing private property, harassing law-abiding citizens, cheating youngsters out of an education, using his racist anti-Asian hatred to place a homeless shelter into an Asian residential neighborhood are just a very short list of his criminal behavior?

italian girl said...

People don't need an antique gun or ANY gun in their home. It'll cause more harm than good. You're worried about burglars, get an alarm system, bars on your windows or a dog. All these are deterrents.

Dick Turpin, highwayman & lawyer said...


I believe that any antique (or reproduction) muzzle loading flintlock or cap lock fire arm (pistol or rifle) does not require a license or permit for ownership.

Common sense applies here.

When was the last time a hoodlum used a vintage muzzle loader (with questionable metallurgy) to commit a crime?

"Stand and deliver"!

My advice to you dumb flatfoots of the NYPD is to go out and catch some drug dealers.

Stop wasting taxpayers' money due to your ignorance of the laws you are supposed to be upholding!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're antique fine arms collectors not interested in home protection, "Italian girl".

My personal home defense relies on what you've already suggested...a good central alarm system, and lighting around my yard...and some added common sense.

My last resort:

A "Louisville Slugger" with the motto "Bastognia di Itallia" emblazoned in gold scipt!

George Fox (Quaker) said...

Firearms are extremely dangerous...more so to the person who relies upon them as their first line of defense.

It can give many owners of such lethal devices a false sense of security.

If any danger is perceived...a high strung, inexperienced gun owner might get trigger happy.

Beautiful hand crafted antique works or art such as 17th and 18th century fowling pieces, engraved pistols, etc. that are on exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum's arms and armour gallery are certainly exempt from the category of feasibly workable weapons.

They are highly unlikely to be employed in any acts of violence.

I therefore approve of them.

Peter Pech of Munich said...

I hear that Glock is working on a new wheel lock pistol (based upon an old 15th century pattern) designed for personal use by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

It will prove to be far superior as a personal defense weapon than his antiquated 15 round 9mm semiautomatic side arm.

Anonymous said...

Many antique guns do not fire modern ammunition so are usable primarily as ornaments. Why would anyone spend time worrying about such things when a criminally-minded youth could make a flamethrower out of an aerosol can or a bomb using draino?

Anonymous said...

I'm fully in favor of people owning muzzle-loading guns. It'd be a big boost for war re-enactments and the SCA. Harder to fire a muzzleloader in impulsive anger. More people available for state militias. Got to be weirder for a burglar to come face to face with one.

"You have to ask yourself...'Is it loaded?' Well, is it?"

Taxpayer said...

Italian girl said...
"People don't need an antique gun or ANY gun in their home. It'll cause more harm than good. You're worried about burglars, get an alarm system, bars on your windows or a dog. All these are deterrents."

- - -

Lovely Italian Girl,

You usually don't fall into this kind of trap.

People of all sorts collect thing of all sorts.

The collectable is for admiration of some valued feature - rarity, design, age, workmanship, yada, yada, yada.

No person in their right mind would ever have this sort of antique rifle for any reason other than display and admiration.

There are women who collect every manner of thimble; hundreds, maybe thousands of thimbles.

Not because they plan to stitch a hole in a shirt, but for the love of collecting odd items.

This man will never even dream of aiming that rifle at anyone.

But, if he ever does shoot someone threatening his life, I will present him with an award. So would you if he saved your life. I would do the same for the thimble lady who stitches my worn clothing.

italian girl said...


My post was actually aimed at georgetheatheist. Why anyone would collect anything OLD, let alone an old gun is beyond me. Would you collect an old shoe? or an old mug? or how about an old underwear?Unless it has some sort of value I say CHUCK IT! Out with the old in with the new.

Examples of some great NEW things:

Although most of the NEW homes I've seen lately are pieces of crap. On that I'll take old anyday.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a gun? FAKE AMERICANS

I feel the need and the right to own a chain gun and use it anytime I feel.

Anonymous said...

Whose old underwear?

Anonymous said...

What is a chain gun? I was raised with guns since childhood and have never heard of one

Anonymous said...

Revolutionary War Re-enactors are entitlted to own replica fireing muskets. As are collectors. This is very good news indeed, just a shame that the NYPD have nothing else to do.

Anonymous said...

italian girl said...
People don't need an antique gun or ANY gun in their home. It'll cause more harm than good. You're worried about burglars, get an alarm system, bars on your windows or a dog. All these are deterrents.

that's your opinion and thank gawd only your opinion.
Our second amendment is more than deterring criminals,it's to keep the government "in check" as only a free people own firearms.

and george,think it's better to ask a local club/rifle range as to what's in the nyc code than the nra as nyc is very picky and sneaky and the bastards over at kew gardens don't even bother to ammend/update their literature --and hand outs either.

too bad the nypd doesn't go after the criminals with such depraved intensity--they KNEW that individual was PERMITTED to "house" an antique long gun.

and "taxpayer"--within nyc,the second amendment is a PAID FOR PRIVILEDGE,not your God given right.

Anonymous said...

"It'll cause more harm than good"
To who the criminal ?
Would you feel better if criminals and burglers were pushed out high windows ?
Then whats next from these libs we ban windows?

Guns dont kill people, people kill people !
If it werent for guns and people with balls we would still be flying the British flag sipping tea and paying taxes to the Queen


Anonymous said...

How much $ was spent on nypd salaries, etc.. trying to fight a guy that knew the law better than the law did?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like guns,get a can of wasp killer,the high pressure stuff that squirts about 25 ft.Me,i'll carry my scandium S&W.38 w/ 135 grain hollowpoints.

italian girl said...

"Would you feel better if criminals and burglers were pushed out high windows ?"

Actually if you had your home secured with an alarm, bars, dogs and just used some common sense like not opening the door to strangers you wouldn't have to worry about any burglar in your home.

"Then whats next from these libs we ban windows?"

Enough with anti-Liberal crap already. Conservatives are the freaking scariest and most dangerous people EVER.

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Enough with anti-Liberal crap already. Conservatives are the freaking scariest and most dangerous people EVER.

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

2 ways of looking at this :
1. lie down 'till it passes
2. understand how your nation became free and remains free as it's not due
to "dangerous" people.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see them pushed from high windows and impaled on spikes while we're at it.

Italian Girl, my home was burglarized by people with power tools cutting through my door in the middle of the day.

Even though my dog was going mad (usually a quiet animal) no one though to call the cops. In fact, one idiot complained about my noisy dog!

Anonymous said...

I remember a Queens Historical Society exhibition that was mounted featuring the Civil War many years ago.

To celebrate it's opening a group of re-enactors in full regalia carrying functional reproduction muzzle loading .58 caliber British Enfield muskets were encamped in tents on Margaret Carman Green.

THEY DID have to obtain permission from the nearby 109th precinct ONLY to fire an occasional volley of blanks (powder without ball) which was part of the show...not for their weapons.

It kept the local park pigeons from pooping on everybody's heads.

"Time to scatter the birds", the captain of the troop would call out.

He carried (I believe it was) a modern reproduction Remmington .45 muzzle loading pistol and an officers sword as part of his Union Army uniform.

Nobody was hurt or in any danger and all had a great time peering into history.

Anonymous said...

It seems that at least we're all in agreement that men and women are free to collect to their hearts' desires...uh whatever..."Italian girl" (and others)...even if they become hoarders like the famed Collier brothers (heaven forbid)!

If their tastes in objet d'arte happen to take the form of antique be it.

It's not my particular interest.

In fact I don't like seeing kids with toy guns ferociously blazing away at each other as their main form of play.

Such games can become a teaching moment that might later foster some bad habits.

But hobbyists are entitled to their hobby under NYC law without the interference or bullying of ignorant gendarmes.

Nobody is suggesting to you what your personal hobby/collection preferences should be.

Nor are you required to understand or like an individual hobbyist's preferences.

Are we all friends here now?

I wouldn't go about pointing either a flintlock pistol or rifle at anyone anyway...ruddy bad manners that could escalate dangerously.

In fact in some societies even pointing a finger at someone is considered an extreme insult.