Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bigger Bottle Law not about recycling

From the NY Daily Balance:

...let's be honest. This new law really had nothing to do with cleaning the environment.

The state already has laws in place that require curbside recycling of the very same products we will now have to save, store and haul back to the grocery.

Aubertine, Valesky and Stachowski are banking on us NOT bringing our water bottle back.

That will cost us in lost deposits, but mean hundreds of millions more for them to waste on more reckless spending.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely the end of recycling. People will not bring them back. Senior citizens, people who don't have the time, people who don't care or believe in recycling, etc.

I live in a high rise and people will just throw them down the shute. Now what is the landlord supposed to do with them? Take them back to the store?

Beyond dumb.

Anonymous said...

Like the article says, they are hoping that you don't bring them back.

Its just a nicely hidden tax.

Anonymous said...

why not bring them back its simple when u go to buy more beverages just bring back the empties i return mine to the family owned beer distributor by my its quick and easy if they make me pay the deposit ill make sure ill got my money back its actually simple

Anonymous said...

Last poster many people have their groceries delivered, so I guess the delovery person will have to bring them back.

You think life is simple? Give me a break.