Thursday, September 17, 2009

NYPD all mobbed up?

From the NY Post:

More than a dozen corrupt cops – allegedly including celebrity detective Bo Dietl and a former NYPD detective-driver for Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau — fed information to the mob and took part in crimes including drug dealing, armed robbery and murder, according to a blockbuster FBI report obtained by The Post.

The stunning allegations come from Gambino crime family rat John Alite, who’s expected to be the prosecution’s star witness at the upcoming racketeering and murder trial of mob scion John "Junior" Gotti.

Alite, a former Gambino associate, who allegedly helped Gotti run a drug ring in Queens, made a star appearance as a witness earlier this year in Brooklyn federal court against Gambino family hit man Charles Carneglia.

In a series of sit-downs between June 2007 and last August, Alite told the feds he personally witnessed Dietl, a fixture on cable television, take cash payoffs from Richie Gotti, brother of the late "Dapper Don" John Gotti.

Alite "had several conversations with Richie Gotti regarding Dietl, during the course of which Gotti told [Alite] Dietl was ‘with them’ meaning the Gambino family and was available to do what the Family asked of him," according to the report.

Dietl vehemently denied the allegations.


Anonymous said...

More puffery to put the media on Sliwa & the Gotti's wile some judge lets Monster rat off the hook.
Rat already is getting a trial without jurors. ---It may even be closed door.

Anonymous said...

Not that I support mob groups of any nationality, but I am becoming more and more convinced that sometimes they may have detered crime in neighborhoods where they were prevalent?

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit.With all the wires the feds had,this would have been taken care of a long time ago..........

Anonymous said...

Rat already is getting a trial without jurors. ---It may even be closed door.

How do you figure that?

Anonymous said...

never trust any guy who wears a ring that isn't a wedding band.

Anonymous said...

That's why you NEVER report drug/prostitution activities to the NYPD...ESPECIALLY your local precinct!

Not unless you want your life put in danger.

Make an appointment to see an FBI agent at Fed Plaza instead (perhaps from a public pay phone).

And I wouldn't be seen going into the FBI's Union Turnpike/Queens Blvd. address.

It's too close to borough hall and a daily newspaper's local headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Convicted criminals from the ranks of law enforcement should face a firing squad.

Now that's a deterent!

In Chairman Mao's China...a convict was unceremoniously administered the coupe de grace with a pistol...then the family was sent a bill for the bullet.

Anonymous said...

"he's a real piece of crap and a loser extraordinaire." Bo Dietl said this about Sharpton. I think he was actually talking about himself.