Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help Poppy find his way home

"I received a call from someone who found a dog walking down 222nd Street and 101st Ave. Eddie lured the ole guy into his car - and off we went - to the vet.

(late yesterday afternoon, I went back to the location and posted found signs - Yes! I also filed a Found report)

Poppy is his name now, he is neutered, and now has all his shots, he had no microchip, had some flea dirt on him (he was treated for this by the vet) he is a bit overweight, weighing 63lbs. He is friendly just very scared and timid. His nails were not worn down at fact they looked as though they were just trimmed. He also was wearing a leather collar - the silver buckle had 3 paw prints on it.. (someone obviously cared for this dog at some point) He has no microchip (checked him with two different scanners) - no tags.. nothing.

If you know anything about this animal, please contact me at 646-361-0163 - pic of Poppy attached."

Thanks, Phyllis


Anonymous said...

Drop him of at Tony "Lips" Avella's place- he could use a friend right about now.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Phyllis. If only we were all as kind as you to our fellow man.

georgetheatheist said...

A dog is a man's best friend.

But a man in relation to a dog?

Anonymous said...

I hope he finds his way back home.

You did a nice thing Phyllis.

FlooshingRezident said...

Thanks Phyllis,

You're a sweetheart! Thanks Crappy, for posting this.

Regina said...

I have a heart made of mush. And a blog devoted to my cats to prove it. I snap photos of the "lost" signs I see as I go about my day and post them on my blog in the small hope that it might help reunite an animal with it's loved ones.
Silly, I know. But there you have it. I still think of Queens as a small town where folks do care.
Just in case Poppy's owners do not come forward-perhaps some other neighbor might want to add to their family by taking Poppy in.
I can not imagine a more wonderful addition to any home . Pets make any house a home and give it heart. An older dog is especially wonderful as you have missed that expensive and energy filled puppy phase (no need to house train !!!) and instead have a devoted companion to take long walks with. If you live in a setting where dogs are allowed ( sadly, many buildings in Queens -mine included- do not allow dogs but I hope you live in one filled with 4 legged friends...) Poppy looks like the perfect best friend. And couldn't we all use more best friends?
(how is that for a sales pitch that comes from the heart?)