Friday, September 4, 2009

NYC drivers hit hard by fees


NEW YORK -- New York metropolitan area drivers are facing steep hikes in driver's license and vehicle registration fees as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's bailout earlier this year.

The Department of Motor Vehicle's higher fees went into effect on Tuesday.

The standard driver's license fee has jumped from $50 to $64.50 statewide, but residents of New York City and surrounding counties served by the MTA must now pay an extra $16 surcharge, for a total of $80.50.

Registration fees for a typical passenger vehicle jumped from $44 to $55. Metro drivers, though, must fork over an extra $50 surcharge, for a total of $105.

The fee hikes were approved by the legislature in May to help the MTA close a $1.2 billion shortfall.

Since the City doesn't pony up the money it's supposed to to support the MTA, the burden falls on the individual.


Anonymous said...

Highway friggin' robbery!

Anonymous said...

How is the city not paying enough? New York State has been shortchanging the MTA for years. For too long the government has used funds toward cars and suburban sprawl and neglected mass transit in cities. Things need to change to support mass transit. Hopefully, some form of congestion pricing will happen sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

This is happening in Fla and Calif.

Blumturd and Thompson dont want you to know this until after the election, but just as the consumer should kick in, he is going to be kicked in the teeth.

The bad news will come right after election because the losers that are running the former "Media Capital of the World" dont have the balls to ask little Napolean about it now - something about adversting revenue buys cheap their silence.

Anonymous said...

how is this even allowed? its double-dipping!

Either charge a flat rate for everyone to use the MTA services tied to the license/registration, or charge tolls on the spot for when those services are used. NOT BOTH.

Anonymous said...

I understand that in a city with a population the size of New York's the municipality must do everything in its power (including charging exorbiant rates) to discourage the ownership of personal vehicles, yet the city ignores the best solution.
The best soultion to curb private vehicle ownership is sufficient mass transportation.
It is no surprise that the majority of private vehicle traffic traveling into Manhattan on a daily basis are from Queens, that is because Queens has 2.4million people yet the mass transit sytem in Queens can only support 300k commuters at its peak.
I live in Glendale and I love my car but I would not own one if the train station was not a 14 block/ 12 minute walk. The so called "Express Bus" takes 1 hour 45 minutes to get downtown, a total of 7 miles from my door.
Why would anyone from Glendale take the bus.
The city needs to stop concerning itself with projects like the 2nd Avenue Subway and the 7 extension and concentrate on the silver bullet of mass transportation, A viable system in Queens. Not only would such a system drastically reduce vehicular transportation from Queens thus the city in total but it would also reduce traffic from Nassau County and in addition prepare for the undoubted population increase that the already crowded bourough will experience as the new immigrants to Queens have children.
Due to the substantial price tag of such a project, we will never see our politicians lobby for a system for us poor people in that faraway land called Queens.
We have a lot of well connected politicians in Queens, lets make sure that they understand that proper mass transit in Queens should be a priority of theirs and lets shout down all the NIMBYS who oppose it.

faster340 said...

The powers that be can't manage the F~!#$% budget so they always raise the fees to cover the gaps! F!#$%^ these incompetent a$$holes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the MTA wants to save money, the first thing they need to do is immediately stop the Q45 bus from going to Atlas Park. There aren't any good stores in that place anyway. Rush hour on 80th Street is worse than the east bound LIE/Grand Central and why?? There are 4 Q45 buses with NO ONE on the bus!! Then you have the Q54 which turns onto 80th St. from Metro and with all the traffic backing up the cars on Metro get to sit through 2 traffic signals just to get across. This is bullshit! Cant' wait for the new schools to open on Metro either. Time to leave NYC for good. Bloomturd sucks. He should live here and see what we have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

No wonder everyone leaves as soon as they can afford the trucking company to take them out...Just because we are known nationwide to be the most expensive state to live, whether true or not, is no reason to milk and promulgate the reputation

Anonymous said...

My wife has finally agreed that we can look for jobs outside of NYC - she doesn't want to go north (I like the cold) - I've started circulating resumes outside the city. I'm in contract to sell one house, and I'm ready to sell the other. I figure 800k cash should buy something nice down south..