Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Milkman BP candidate gets bilked

From the NY Post:

A former dairy-company executive was thrilled to advertise his campaign for Queens borough president on millions of milk containers, plunking down thousands in moo-lah to see his smiling mug on milk jugs across the city.

But Robert Schwartz's blood curdled when the containers were yanked from store shelves last month, without explanation, after just a day.

The Democrat was shocked to learn that at least some of the milk was destroyed after someone complained to distributor Elmhurst Dairy about his ads.

Schwartz believes up to 9,000 gallons of milk in containers featuring his ad were destroyed around Aug. 10.

Schwartz, 54, contracted to spend $70,000 for up to five weeks of advertising on 25 million containers.

He was so outraged when Elmhurst Dairy killed the campaign messages that he refused a refund on his $15,000 down payment.

When Schwartz asked why the campaign was slaughtered, a manager at Elmhurst Dairy claimed he didn't know the company had accepted political advertising.

Now the Forest Hills politician, one of two Democrats challenging incumbent Helen Marshall, is taking the brouhaha to court.

Schwartz is suing Elmhurst Dairy and Milk Jug Media, the company that handled the ad contract, for $5 million in Queens Supreme Court and asking a judge to reinstate the ads. Elmhurst Dairy declined to comment, and Milk Jug Media did not respond to messages.


Anonymous said...

Great way to waste one of our daily necessities. Good going Elmhurst Dairy.

Anonymous said...

Un-friggin'-believable!!! And "they" say no use crying over spilled milk! A unique campaigning method that came to an untimely and unfair end. I wonder if Marshall had a hand (or udder) in this affront??!?!??!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bovine Bitch Claire Shulman did him in?

De-Claire said...

I cud care less and that's the udder truth! I think we should milk this story for all that it's worth!

Hooters Fan said...

I think the problem is that he put his ads on the wrong jugs!

Anonymous said...

Does he even stand a chance? Seriously, I've seen Marc Leavitt's ads in the mail, newspapers, and storefronts.

I've yet to see any Schwartz ads anywhere. So how the heck did he afford his milk jug ads?

Anonymous said...

Met this guy last election he ran in and found him to be very nasty (just asked him what his platform was). Wondered why he thought anyone would vote for him. Sure wouldn't want his face on my milk carton.