Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lead found in Staten Island yards

From Eyewitness News:

Just imagine how people are reacting.

They were told on Friday that backyards could be hazardous to the health of their children.

The warning to a group of residents in the Port Richmond section who live where a former lead manufacturing plant once stood.

Now, the lead is seeping into yards.

"You think you have a dream home and it turns out to be a deathtrap," Laura Yearwood said.

Yearwood raised five children here. Jason Santiago has a newborn. Bobby Andrews had a vegetable garden and ate everything that grew. "I ate it and we had lead," Andrews said. "You got all these people have to be tested."

Now she wonders about the mysterious rashes her children had and why she developed a brain tumor last year.

At least a dozen homes, many with young children, have soil in their yards with high concentrations of lead.

A toxic chemical may have seeped into the ground from a vacant lot just down the street where a 19th century factory once manufactured lead.


Anonymous said...

I think this happens all the time. I think that the vacant lot (left by trashed by agressive developers) down my street is contaiminated, too. There were oil tanks and a factory on the property years ago. I wonder how they got epa testing - the dob doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

Staten Island was a mercury dump almost 90 years ago,ask some watchmakers