Thursday, September 17, 2009

DOB vacates another Williamsburg building

From Brownstoner:

According to residents of the mixed-use building at 396-400 South Second Street in Williamsburg, the fire department arrived yesterday morning to inspect the building and later, along with representatives from the Department of Buildings, declared the site unfit for habitation and ordered the building vacated. This five-story brick structure, classed as a factory/industrial space with no certificate of occupancy on file, housed as many as 20 residential units as well as several businesses.

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Anonymous said...

You mean there is a DOB or DEP inspector in Williamsburg An inspector not on the take?
Nice to know.
Except for the towers built on the water by actual union, all development is collapsing as if inspectors were paid off and still are looking the other way.

Bloomberg pleads ignorance yet he pushed this knowing no one would police development. A small new build completely collasped.

Also so many DEP violations all pretty much ignored.