Monday, September 7, 2009

Council District 25 debate video


Throughout the hour-long Democratic Primary debate for City Council District 25, held at the Flushing Library last Thursday, incumbent Helen Sears faced a barrage of attacks from challengers Danny Dromm and Stanley Kalathara, who called her an ineffective legislator during her last eight years in office.

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Anonymous said...

Can't vote in this district, but if I could it would be Danny Drumm.
Glad it was brought up her voting against the lead paint law. Who told her to vote against it? The landlords (especially LeFrak who continued to use it even after it was outlawed).

Anonymous said...

Helen has been useless for quite some time now...Quality of life has PLUMMETTED within the district. My vote goes to Danny Drumm!

Anonymous said...

Danny Drumm is good if you want someone to go get male prostitutes.
Male strip clubs, prostitutes,and more does not sound like someone who could represent the people.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for Kalathara. At least he's telling the real story
The guy is clean, no records like Dromm
I really like the bike running around 37 avenue. New way, new people....