Monday, September 7, 2009

Council District 20 debate video

From BoroPolitics:

The six Democratic candidates running for the seat — John Choe, Yen Chou, S.J. Jung, Constantine Kavadas, Isaac Sasson and James Wu — duked it out during a forum sponsored by TimesLedger Newspapers, part of the Community Newspaper Group, last Thursday.
Michael Bloomberg for Mayor

An otherwise civil discussion on District 20 issues turned ugly when the candidates were asked about the role of ethnic politics in the race, briefly descending into a screaming match between Kavadas and Sasson, who have each been accused of racism during the campaign.

For more about the elections, visit the Queens Campaigner.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Whom to choose? Perhaps one from column A and 2 from column B. Democracy in the 20th? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Sasoon on the 15th.. he seems to be the only person who doesn't have a hidden agenda. Maybe Wu if I can find out more about him.. I just hope none of those other dopes win..

Anonymous said...

Sasson is running a very negative anti-Choe campaign. This isn't New Jersey. Keep it positive.

Also, what's Kavadas doing in the debate? I didn't know he was back on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

here's a question....

Is John Choe gay???