Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bloomberg's 311 system doesn't do crap

From the NY1:

Some of the cars did not have license plates. Others, like one in Maspeth with a police placard displayed in the window, were too close to hydrants. Still others blocked sidewalks, and one was parked directly in front of a crosswalk.

Armed with stacks of pictures showing cars blocking sidewalks, hydrants and driveways, local residents said they are frustrated.

"We had the car in front of the fire hydrant for 53 days," said one local.

"I can't even park in front of my house. They block my driveway. I can't even get my own car in my own driveway because they leave their own cars there for weeks," said another.

"We've had this problem for more than three years," said a third.

Neighborhood leaders said they have tried for years to get the city to do something about the problem, but the response has been slow.

"We call 311 but nothing happens," said a concerned resident.


Anonymous said...

If someone parks in your driveway call the local precinct, they will ticket the offender and then the tow truck company will be there in 5 minutes flat to tow the car away. It is a lucrative tow for the tow company, as you imagine, tow charges and storage charges. I know everyone will say the local precinct does not respond but that has not been my experience and I get my share of offenders because I live near a train station. If I can wait I try to be a good neighbor but when they park and block my own car in my own driveway then its" every man for himself!" I use 311 for informational purposes only and I have been mostly successful, no one is perfect. I still will vote Bloomberg out because he walked all over my rights as a voter and is permanently on my sh*t list along with most of the city council

Queens Crapper said...

I called 311 for a parked car in my driveway. The 104 said they responded and the car was not there but the car was still there with no ticket. (They just cleared it out of the system.) So I called the precinct. No one answered. Then I called again. Someone answered this time and said they would send a patrol car. The patrol car came, gave a ticket, but no tow truck came.

Anonymous said...

"Others, like one in Maspeth with a police placard displayed in the window, were too close to hydrants".

Do you think the police are going to ticket there "brother in blue"?

Get the fuck out of here, the NYPD suck each others dicks and would never give another a ticket.

Taxpayer said...

Take photos of the offending auto. (1) front (2) rear (3) windshield stickers - registration, inspection (4) side, so the violation is clearly visible (5) any dashboard placards - especially if they indicate a city employee is abusing the job.

Then use 311 or 911 to report violation. Call the precinct if you wish, but 311 and 911 produce records that must be closed.

Yes, the police will brush the report off, but the photos will prove they are lying.

311 asks for your email address and emails report status to you.

If the complaint is closed with the lie that the police arrived and found no violation, send it all to internal affairs.

If the police do arrive and do issue the ticket, it's up to you to get the tow truck. All expenses go to the auto owner. The towing company never even knows who you are.

If an angry auto owner later confronts you to demand to know what you did with the car, you are under no legal obligation to give any information. You don't have any legal obligation to acknowledge the angry owner even exists.

If the cops to arrive, and, because the auto is owned by another cop or a city employee, the cop refuses to issue the ticket, get his badge and vehicle number and turn him in to internal affairs.

Internal Affairs' job is to investigate police corruption. Police refusal to respond to complaints is corrupt. Report all police corruption to Internal Affairs.

If this is a persistent problem that your council member refuses to solve, dump the council member AND the Commissar.

Take control!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's 311 system is like those buttons at traffic lights you're supposed to push to be able to change the signal so that you can cross the street.

I'll bet they're not even connected and most have already been removed.

Another attempt to put a buffer zone (stone wall) between the citizen and government.

Anonymous said...

There is a black volvo station wagon parked every single night directly under a 'no parking at anytime' sign near where I live on 70th avenue in Forest Hills behind the tennis stadium near Burns street. It is there every single night, with no other cars on the block, and never a ticket. How do they get away with that?

Anonymous said...

the DOT is using Little Neck as their parking lot. There has been a DOT car on 251 St btwn 61 and 63 Aves for weeks now.
And there are about 3 other DOT cars left there overnight. The DOT workers leave their cars there in the morning, hop into DOT vehicles, come back at night and take their own cars home. Are these cars even assigned to them? If so, why not take them home?

Taxpayer said...

Anon said:
"There is a black volvo station wagon parked every single night directly under a 'no parking at anytime' ..."

- - -

Even if you have to make a tape recording of it, report this violation several times each night. Do this night after night.

Never quit. Set out to bankrupt the Volvo driver.

Record the complaint number the 311 operator gives you.

Give your email address so you get an auto email of the status of the complaint.

Do not report anonymously. It makes you look like a frightened coward (maybe even filing a false report).

Take control. Give your true name and info.

Fail to take control, and the black Volvo driver wins and you lose! Make a choice!