Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bloomberg invades Sunnyside

From the Sunnyside Post:

Mike Bloomberg has set up a campaign office on Greenpoint Ave. (btw 45th and 46th) in the heart of Sunnyside. Just two weeks ago, this site was a cheesy, clothing store. Mike, obviously, was very quick to move in!!

My pimply friend said the Mayor would be at the office (45-10 Greenpoint Ave) this Wednesday between 6pm and 8 pm. He said that people should RSVP at www.mikebloomberg.com because seating is limited. So hurry up, or his developer friends will beat you to it.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be smart to remove the grafitti on the gate, as if he were tackling quality of life issues?

PizzaBagel said...

That major piece of crap is going to be in my neighborhood tomorrow night? My skin is crawling already. Bad vibes all around, for sure. Yeesh!

Anonymous said...

Developer buddies? I guess 300+ working-class members of the NW Queens community made a career change.

Queens Crapper said...


You don't understand sarcasm or humor, do you?

Must work for Bloomberg.